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Thread: papsmear, rubella - all out of date and im pregnant

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    Default papsmear, rubella - all out of date and im pregnant

    Just found out im pregnant yesterday...... . I was actually booked in for a papsmear on tuesday (last one was Nov 2004, so the reminders have been sent to me). I dont want to have a pap smear whilst pregnant. I know you can, but i dont want to. Will that be okay? Can it wait another 10 months or so??
    Also, my rubella is low. Like 14 or something. How will i go thru this pregnancy with a low rubella?
    I really didnt think i would fall pregnant so quickly, thus the reason my pre-pregnancy to do list is not checked off at all...

    help !

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    Krystal, best thing is to talk to your DR about the Pap Smear, they will be able to explain the pros and cons and whether it's ok to wait for a bit. Then you can take an informed decision abou it. They will also be able to tell you about what precautions to take re rubella. I would imagine you will need to ppl fairly quickly that you are PG so you don't get any accidental contact with kids with high fevers (ppl will understand and keep their kids away from you if they seem unwell) and you should be fine. It could be that the immunity you have is enough to prevent any problems but there's probably no way of telling at this stage.

    Try not to fret about it hun because stress will only make you feel run down. I'm sure it will be ok.

    Oh and CONGRATULATIONS on your happy news, and enjoy your pregnancy!

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    I only had a rubella booster 16 months ago when my DD was born (as it was discovered that my levels were very low). I though that i'd be up to date with the rubella and didn't get it checked again before i fell preg with bub #2...little did i know that my body just doesn't hold it and my levels are very low again. I was just told to be cautious around sick chn and adults and it's been noted that the rubella booster is required again once bub is born.

    Take care - and CONGRATS!!!!!!!!

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    I had a pap spear when I found out I was pregnant. And I was 38yo and it was my first pregnancy... so I was a bit nervous about it.
    They do it a slightly different way... not go so deep, or use a different implement?

    It is safe... and it is better to do that, then find out you've got something that is going to harm your baby. The pap smear is for your babies sake - not necessarily yours - when your pregnant. Not that I'm implying you've got something... but best to get the all clear.

    I've no idea about rubella.... so I would be talking to your doc about that too.

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    I was 13 weeks pregnant when they done a pap smear. My sister said they shouldnt have done it because it could have harmed bub. BUt she is here today and is fine.

    I did have a lot of cramping and a little bleeding after it though and i got extremely worried, but figured the dr wouldnt have done it if it was not safe to do so.

    With rubella, my dr at first said i wasnt immune to it, but once bub was born i could ahve a shot. Turned out i was immune but he mis-read my test results.

    All in all, your GP would be the best person to discuss any problems with.

    Congrats on your pregnancy

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    Definitely speak to your Dr about the pap smear. I need one too and will be having it in 2 weeks when I go back to my GP. My personal opinion is that I'd rather be sure there are no problems in that regard knowing that cervical cancers can be very aggressive and spread quickly when you're not pregnant, and that pregnancy can cause some cancers to accelerate. Not wanting to worry you, but just offering an alternative opinion.

    As for the Rubella...I'm another who never carries immunity. Every child I've had, I've had to have another Rubella shot after the birth. It's not a biggie these days thank goodness as German measles isn't as prevalent as it used to be, but you DO need to be aware and you do need to be careful of contact with anybody who either has symptoms, the illness or who isn't immunised against it.


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    I had a pap smear when I was 6 weeks pregnant with my second child, the doctor said any later and she wouldn't do one. I'm due for mine again, but I'm 10 weeks pregnant now and have opted to wait until the 6 week check after the baby is born. I'm not sure about Rubella, when they did all the pregnancy blood test with me it showed I was immune, maybe they can give you a booster?

    Congrats on your pregnancy :biggrin:

    Rose baby#4

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