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Thread: pelvic pain already....

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    sajemsha Guest

    Unhappy pelvic pain already....

    I had terrible pelvic pain for the last two months of my last pregnancy, I'm 13 weeks tomorrow and I've already got it, thay say it's a hormonal thing and from everything starting to relax, it doesn't help with the pain though, I'm finding I can't pick up a basket of washing or vacuum. It isn't as painful as before but it's annoying.
    Does anyone else have this? Does anyone know where in Australia you can get the pregnancy support belts? They say that is supposed to help...

    Take care all....

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    Hi Rose,

    I'm 13w tomorrow 2. Sorry I can't answer your question but over about the last week I have been having pain down there too. Sorta just in a bit from where nickers sit around your leg right at the front (especially on the left hand side) I feel it mainly when I'm peeing (sorry for TMI) especially when I am FMU and there is a lot of urine and also when I have especially bad vomitting where it is sorta pushing down there. I am just wondering if this is the same sorta pain you are talking about?? Being my 1st I didn't know what the pain was? Sorry for TMI

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    I'm feeling it like you said in the pubic area towards both hips, sometimes in my lower back, I can feel not bad pain but annoying aching pain all the time, it's worse when I pick up something or bend over, or crouch or vaccum, even sitting sets it off, I can still walk ok though. I'm just hoping it doesn't get any worse, I'm getting a belly belt next week for support, so I hope it helps.
    Just a thought, are you sure you don't have a UTI (urinary tract infection) I had one a couple of weeks ago and I was getting really bad pain like you described when I peed, I had to go on antib's and drink huge amounts of water, I'd get it checked out, the pain only gets worse with it until the antib's kick in, lucky that only takes a day.
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    sajemsha oh I so sympathise with you on this. I started getting it at 12 weeks with this baby. With each child your pelvis will be that bit more painful. It's really bad for me now and I am 32 weeks. Not much you can do but take it easy. With the support belts you can get them off ebay, they are always on there and sell brand new from shops. All you have to do to buy one is register with ebay costs nothing and payment can be made thorugh bank deposit or many other ways.

    I hope yur pain doesn't get to much worse, but just know it's normal.

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