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Thread: Period or Pregnancy?

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    Jenny Guest

    Default Period or Pregnancy?

    Hi Girls,

    I posted this in Conception - General discussion but would love to hear from anybody that is currently pregnant?

    I am currently on CD 27 with my period due anywhere from tomorrow till Monday.
    Today I have had some very dark brown blood (probably half a teaspoon) mixed in with what I would call creamy CM (sorry if TMI).
    I normally have bright red blood on Day 1 of period so this is a little unusual. However I have also have abdminal cramping since CD14.
    Is this what you would call implantation bleeding?
    Is it normal to have some bleeding when your period is due even though you may be pregnant?
    Did anyone get this sort of bleeding and then found out they were pregnant?
    Your help would be appreciated.

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    Some people do get implantation bleeding around the time they would normally have got their period. I personally didnt have it, but from what I have heard it is usually light bleeding - not as heavy as a usual period.
    I also had cramping just before I found I was pregnant, but no bleeding.
    Good luck!
    are you going to test soon or wait unitl monday to see if your "normal" period shows up?

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    Hi Jenny

    Without knowing what's going on, I'd say wait until Monday and if your period hasn't properly started with anything bright red do an HPT as that's the only way to be sure - it could just be pre-period bleeding. It isn't unheard of to get some bleeding when your period is due, some people don't even miss their first period, and you may continue to get slight bleeds at 8w and 12w pg as that's what your body is used to.

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    Jenny Guest


    OK, so I have just gone to the toilet again and wiped and there was nothing there. I think I will do a test tomorrow morning with FMU and see what happens.

    Ryn, I think I will test again on Mon / Tues like you suggested if I dont get bright red blood and if tomorrows test is a negative. Is it better to test with a HPT that\is 10Miu or 20MIu - whats the most sensitive?

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    10mIU is the most sensitive - it can pick up hCG at half the concentration as the other (milli international units, if you wondered what mIU stood for).

    Best of luck for your test Jenny!

    Oh, I forget to say before that I always recommend waiting for as long as possible as I hate to see a BFN, it's worse than a period for me. That's why I was 8w gone before I found out about my baby, I couldn't put of testing any longer in case there was a problem with me! Other people prefer to know as early as possible, so good for you for not wanting to wait!

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    Jenny Guest


    Thanks for your advice Ryn. I really appreciate it. I know that you mean about getting BFN all the time. However I just cant stand waiting anymore! How strong willed you are! 8weeks sheesh! Thats a very long time to wait!
    Not long to go for you now.......good luck with it all. I have been reading your preg journal which has been great.

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    Thank you, Jenny! My previous cycle had been 55 days, that's why I waited and waited and waited... plus I didn't "feel" pregnant, so didn't want to know that there was something wrong with me.

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