thread: Period while pregnant

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    Period while pregnant


    I've often heard that it is still possible to get AF while you are pregnant, but mainly during the first trimester only I have heard.

    I'm just curious as to how many ppl this has actually happened to. Is there anyone here that continued to get AF during pregnancy, if so, how many months did it continue for, and was period much lighter than normal or different in anyway?

    Thanks, I'm just very curious.

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    Hi Waiting

    My step sister had her period right up until 6 mths. She missed it and went to the GP who organised an u/sound and discovered she was 6mths pregnant.


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    I got my period about a month after i fell pregnant (around the time i'd normally get one). It was a couple of days less than normal but that's all. I've heard some women have it every month they'd normally get it right up until birth. This is because of some hormone (don't know the name of it, sorry) is still being produced to make your body think it's having a period. Perfectly normal though.

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    Hi there

    I am 7 and half weeks pregnant & have had what seems to be my AF twice already!!

    Only has lasted a couple of days each time and the Ob has sent me for an u/s both times. Bubs is all safe and sound which is good as it gave us a bit of a scare.

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    Hi Waiting,
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