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Thread: Pinching in Pelvis? TMI Warning

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    LouLou7 Guest

    Default Pinching in Pelvis? TMI Warning


    I am about 9 weeks and 5 days today and I keep getting this pinching pain in my pelvis. It is sort of near the entrance to my vagina but in a bit. It is hard to describe but is like this pinching sensation for a few minutes then it goes away.
    Does anyone know what this could be and if it's okay? It is definately a noticeable pain.

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    Janet Guest


    I've heard lots of women say they feel like someone is sticking a needle in their vaginas. Is that similar? Unpleasant! It's common and despite having no idea what it is, and having experienced it, it seems ok to me. Just weird LOL.

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    LouLou7 Guest


    Thanks Janet

    It definately feels like a needle! I asked my ob too and he said not to worry about it, it's normal.

    Thanks again

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    Hi LouLou,
    Yes, this is a common complaint of pregnant women and is dubbed 'needling' as it does feel just like someone stuck something sharp where they shouldn't! I have had it with all of my pregnancies and this one too!
    I hope you can feel a little safer now.
    Love to you,

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