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Thread: Pink Discharge and cramps!

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    zsimms Guest

    Default Pink Discharge and cramps!

    hi everyone - I am 4.4 weeks pg and have had period like pains the whole week but this morning I had some pink discharge on the tissue paper after I went to the toilet and I am wondering what my odds are?

    Any advice or similar experiences would be appreciated.


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    Babushka Doll Guest


    Hi Zoe,
    Sometimes when you DTD this can happen, generally doctors will say if its brownish or pinkish - its nothing to worry about due to the cervix becoming softer and bleeding much easier. If it turns bright red, and the cramps are bad then I would go to the doctor.
    Hope everything is ok.

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    Hi Zoe, although it can be really scary, bleeding in the first trimester happens to many women. I agree that if it goes bright red then you should just check it out with your health care provider just to put your mind at ease.

    Best of luck to you hun, sending you

    Spring Angel

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    ttcno2 Guest


    i had bright red bleeding a few days ago - and everything seems okay at this stage
    last pregnancy had pink spotting (at about 11 weeks) and it turned out fine.
    good luck, i know it makes you freak out

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    clare076 Guest


    Usually in early pregnancy the cervix becomes rich with blood flow, and your cervix can bleed easily after irritation, this can be as simple as having a bowel motion, sex, orgasm, internals, etc.

    With Shelby I had pink discharge at 6 weeks and a massive bleed at 10 weeks, both times there was no indication of bleed on scan, they put it down to an irritated cervix.

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