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    Hi, I am a big seafood lover and since finding out that I was pregnant I have stopped eating all larger fish species because of the mercury and also the prawns that you can buy already cooked at the supermarket and then just shell and eat. I've been buying green prawns and cooking them myself which my dr says is good to do but now friends are all telling me that the other cooked prawns are perfectly safe to eat. My dr can't give me an answer either way as she's never come accross anyone with such a love for these cooked prawns, lol and never looked in to it. Can anyone tell me whether it is still safe to eat these prawns ? I've been sticking to the side of caution and steering clear but it drives me mad to watch other people eating them and knowing that I can't, lol.


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    Nov 2003

    Hi Sharon,

    It's best to stick with the ones that you prepare yourself as you never know how long the ones in the shops have been sitting there or if there's been cross-contamination etc. For more information you might like to have a read of the article on Listera and Pregnancy.


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    Mar 2004

    I know the prawns you mean. I love them with just a bit of lemon =P~ and I have even been known to make a sandwich with just them and my homemade mayonaisse (another no-no atm) but since they sit there for a while before you buy them I don't think they're safe to eat when you're pregnant. I just don't want to take the risk IYKWIM. Last time I was pregnant I tried cooking green prawns at home but they just weren't the same . So for now I just stick to cooking seafood soups and prawn chilli basil stir-fries etc.
    Maybe you can ask people to bring prawns instead of flowers when your baby is born LOL.

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    i would probably steer clear of them too. keep cooking them yourself, you know then they are fresh and cooked properly,