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    Have been TTC for about 5 mths now and have been off pill for approx 8 mths. This month, AF is now 2 days late so am a little hopeful. However have been having cramping like PP for about 5 days. Have symptons like PP but each month since being off the pill my body seems to get a little sorer. Boobs quite tender but not sore like people say they are when you are preggers. Also, seem to be quite constipated. Am too scared to do pregnancy test yet as don't want to jinx myself.

    Anyone else ever got PP without AF for 5 or so days? [-o<

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    Hey there..
    I had the sore boobs, a few pimples i usually get a week before my periods is due and constipation.. I fell pregnant while on the pill. My period for the past few months had been jumping between a few different days so i was thinking perhaps thats what happened. I was 2-4 days over due (because of the jumping around dates) and wondered the same.. and i was a little paranoid to walk into the chemist to buy one as i never had to ever before.. but i thought bugger it.. im going to get a test! Least then i knew whether i was or wasnt then and there, rather than thinking about it and waiting any longer.
    Its your choice, but theres a chance that you very well could be? My fingers are crossed for you!

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