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    Just a question for anyone out there who can help with how I can shake this cold that I've been trying to fight off for weeks now.

    I'm coughing up phlem which is at times green (sorry tmi) & after speaking to dr today I can't have anything but panadol which is clearly not going to help with the phlem.

    I do sometimes get chest infections which I really don't need to get so I'm trying to cough up as much muck as possible (without vomiting in the process).

    Any suggestions?

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    Hi DJTTC
    Try putting vicks in hot water and breathing in the steam. This should loosen the phlem and al leat make you feel a little better.
    Hot honey and lmon drink often helps to relax you and is a good idea to take at night before bed. You can also put vicks on your top lip, pillow, chest.
    Hope this helps

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    I've found taking inliven helps me get over sickness alot quicker than normal, and i've also always found green tea to help

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    My sympathies - I've been fighting a cold/flu for the last 10 days and its horrible isn't it. The phlegm is making me throw up - worse than morning sickness!

    I found nothing really has helped but I'm trying to sleep propped up a bit at night so I don't get more congested, and also have a shower as hot as I can take it without cooking bubs 2 or 3 times a day. Hope you can shake it soon.

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    ohh ive had the flue a few times now things i found that helped
    - butter menthols
    - vix and heaps of it
    - warm drinks
    - panadol
    - chicken soup
    and rest rest rest
    it really sux when u can't do much about the flue i hope those things help u coz they really did help me all the best

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    Your doc said you can't have anything but panadaol ? Pls get a second opinion ! In my last pregnancy (at about 30w) i was very sick with a cold and nasty cough which i just couldn't shake. I thought i couldn't take anything. I ended up going to the doctor and he said i must go on antibiotics (there are some that are ok for pregnant women) immediately otherwise the sickness (perhaps infection) could harm the baby.

    So go to another doc and get something for yourself (you have nothing to lose). And when you go to the chemist with your prescription then confirm with them that it is for you and that you are pregnant (you must stress this so they give you the right strength etc).

    good luck and take care

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    Remember to drink lots of fluid (especially water) because it helps to loosen the phlem... that way, you will be able to get rid of it faster. Like others said, panadol works a wonder. But if you prefer not taking any pill, you need water, rest, and just plenty of fluid...

    HOpe u feel better soon!

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    I used to have horrible colds when preg with DS that would last 4-5 weeks at a time until someone told me to take garlic tablets(you can get them from a health food store) the next time i had a cold i took them and it was gone within a week. Nothing else ever worked.

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