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    I'm almost 9 weeks pregnant, but have spent most of that time worrying in the background about losing the baby (don't we all?)

    I've read enough to understand roughly how common miscarriages are, and what they would feel like, but what I'm worried about is how common is it for the baby to die and then not exit the body? I don't have my first scan until 12 weeks and I'm so scared that there won't be a heartbeat.

    Does anyone know how common this is?

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    Hi Sterla!

    I'm not sure on the exact stats of missed miscarriage (I think that's what it's called when bub stays inside), but I do know that as each week passes the risk of miscarriage decreases quite a bit.
    I think missed miscarriage is pretty rare though. I would say that, like many unfortunate things, we read about it a lot because the people who experience those things come online for support and to debrief.

    Are you having a scan around 12-14 weeks? It's not long til that now, you're right, I think most people worry though. Have you popped into the section on all the pregnancy symptoms, I found there were some I hadn't acknowledged, and the more symptoms you can feel, the more you 'notice' being pregnant and that might help ease your mind.

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    But also, don't worry if you do not have heaps of symptoms or if they come and go....I never had any with either pregnancy and they turned out very differently. Missed miscarriages are reasonably rare - I had one but I was also taking progesterone which can delay a m/c or it certainly confuse the body......

    I am sure you will be fine. As hard as it is try not to stress - keeping yourself occupied with other things is a good idea

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    I was the same as you but its true with each week that passes I started feeling more and more confident and checked every time I went to the bathroom and I never saw any blood or spotting so that kept giving me courage. I had no reason to suspect a mc but I still worried about it anyway I think most of us do. But I was determined to trust in God and know that he was taking good care of this little angel. A couple of times I though bugger it I am just going to have a scan to check there is a baby in there, but I ended up coming to my senses and letting the fear pass over me. We just had our first scan this week at 12 weeks and guess what there is a little baby in there with a strong heart beat of 155bmp and it was spinning around and flipping over and sucking its thumb. I was both relieved and amazed at what I was seeing on the screen. I am glad I waited till 12 weeks it made the experience so much more exciting. But there is absolutely nothing wrong if you go for a scan a bit early just for peace of mind.
    Good luck with it and don't ever feel silly for feeling insecure. I even took a HPT a couple of weeks ago to make sure I was still pregnant, after it came back with a faint line I panicked even more so I wished I hadn't done that. Your really don't have long to go till your scan. Just keep yourself busy and stay away from the forum topics that get you panicked.

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