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Thread: a question for all those whose m/s hightened...

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    Question a question for all those whose m/s hightened...

    hey there a few weeks ago i was reading a thread that said a few ppl had experienced around 8 weeks there morning sickness become worse...
    i was wondering when exactly this happened for everyone like when u say 8 weeks do u mean in the 8th week or at 8 weeks as well as anyone else whos ms has gotton worse at a certain point???
    i am really curious about this coz i am having some trouble with ms atm (8 weeks in a day or so) and am wondering is this the peak or will it get worse????

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    Hi, I'm at 7.5 weeks and it has definitely been its worst this week. I remember with my last PG it was around this time that it peaked, we were on holiday for the week in Perth and I remember running out of the department store because the smell from the perfume counter had me gagging! I don't remember it being as bad after that so I'm hoping after another week or so it will settle down again.

    Good luck, keep chewing through your ginger or preggie pops or whatever you're doing, hope you feel better soon.

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    I think it really does vary for everyone, I didn't have M/s till the 2nd trimester with my first pregnancy and then with NO 3 I had M/S from probably 5 weeks till about 14

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    yeah once i hit around 7 weeks i have had a few really bad days... the only thing that seems to help is making myself eat and lolly pops but some days nothing seems to help i am hoping its gonna ease really soon lol

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    I had bad ms in the very early stages of first pg, my gp suggested elevit to help symptoms and bring up my iron. It worked for me, i took it the whole way through - what a lifesaver! might be worth a try if you can keep it down...

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    I didnt have a peak - I just woke up one morning and WHAM! there it was. I was somewhere between 6-8 weeks. This pg seems to be slowly increasing instead.


    good luck!

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    I had m/s from weeks 5-14 but it was definitely worse between weeks 9-14...

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    I had m/s the whole 9 months and mine started to peak at around 8 weeks too.

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    mmm coz i have had sickness from about 6 weeks on but i have some days worse then others am just hoping it wont get worse lol i am almost 9 weeks

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