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    only found out last week that I was pregnant and ever since have been so nervous. Have had cramping (which thanks to this forum) i'm thinking is ok (?), back pain and keep crying at everything! Ended up going to the doctor on Saturday- and found out that there was blood in my urine (so am now on antibiotics for a suspected urine infection!). Anyway- he suggested that I have an ultrasound asap- just to make sure everything is ok. Given that I think at most i'm about 4 weeks- is there much point? Will I see anything?

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    Yep I reakon there's 'much point' in having an ultra sound, spesh if your dr. suggested it.
    Not sure if you'd see much if you're 4 weeks, but you might find out you're 6 weeks or any rate, it would set your mind at ease methinks?
    Congrats on being pregnant! And welcome to Bellybelly

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    first of all you need to relax. thats the best advice people gave me. At 4 weeks you will see a TINY sack and thats it im afraid.

    But you may be further along and get to see a bit more

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    4 weeks maybe a little early to see anything. I had my first scan at 5weeks and the tech. could just make out the sack. I hope you get to see your tiny sack. Good luck and I wish you a happy and healthy pg!

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    Thanks! Had the scan- am five weeks tomorrow. Saw the sack- its in the right position! Geel relieved.

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