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    Default Scans??

    Hi ladies. I got my BFP on Sunday and Monday (YAY!!!!) and have been to the doctors for a blood test. I have an appointment tomorrow morning to confirm the results.

    I was wondering when the first scan is. The doctor mentioned a scan between 11 and 13 weeks. I was actually hoping to have one earlier. I will be getting a referral for an OB so does he arrange the scans or does the doctor do this in the first trimester.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Hi Natalie
    Congrats on the !
    I've actually got a scan tomorrow arvo for dating purposes. The doctor and I disagree on dates. They can do this between 6-8 weeks and they should be able to see the heartbeat. Your doc should be able to get you an ultrasound if you ask.

    I can't wait to see our little jellybean.
    Congrats again and best wishes for a h&h pregnancy

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    I had my first scan at just past 12wks!!!

    Congrat's on the BFP

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    CONGRATS on your BFP - good luck with everything.

    i've just looked into this, this morning.
    seems some hospitals will do it for you and others won't.
    I can't find any hospital that will do a date scan for me, until 12 wks if I convince the midwives I am unsure of dates and i know my LMP was 10 Dec.
    also if you want a date scan done it will cost $70 thru a GP (public patient) and he gives a referral and the gap is $70, intially it is $141 for the scan here in Adelaide. Someone in Sydney says it was free for her. So you just have to be in the right place at the right time lol. I will wait until my 12 wk appt at the hospital and *fingers crosssed* the midwife can arrange a scan for the date - i want this because my dates have been up the creek, 31 days here 30 days, then 29 then 28. weird.
    Does anyone know if they will only do a scan if you are like a week or two out or not? heee hee I am hoping.
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    Hi Bubbles,

    Congratulations on your BFP! If you or your doc are unsure about the dates the you may be offered a dating scan which, as someone said before, is done about 6 weeks. You won't see much at that point other than possibly a little peanut shape with a blinking bit (the heart). Most people have a scan at about 12 weeks (where they do tests for downs) and then another at between 18-20 weeks which is the morphology scan. Some Obs also do a "viability" scan at your first visit to them. My first visit with my Ob was at 10 weeks (could have gotten in earlier but had to go away for Uni) and I had a viability scan in her rooms. Nothing flash, just to make sure there is a heart beat etc. I have a friend who likened bubs (whom I call Bubbles BTW!) to an axolotial (sp?)! I then had my 12 week ultrasound two weeks later and the changes were AWSOME!



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    Hey Bubbles,

    I had my first scan at 6 weeks...just to see the heart beat. I then had another scan at 9 weeks (both of these were internal ultrasounds and really all you could see was a bit of a blob and the flashing heart)

    The only reason I had these scans is our Ob. does them himself during my appointments with him...the reason I was seeing him so early (e.g. 6 weeks into pregnancy) was I was already under his care as he was my fertility specialist.

    The first big scan is at 12's amazing!!! I couldn't believe how much the baby had grown in 3 weeks...incredible...just like Mother Goose said...

    My next big scan is at 19 weeks.

    Wishing you all the best!

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    Hi bubbles, when you go to see your ob, he or she will probably do a scan on your first appointment. They then give you a referral for the Nuchal Translucency Scan for between 11 and 13 weeks (if you choose to have one).
    If you are going to book into an Ob, it's best to do it right away, as they can fill up pretty fast!
    By the way, congratulations on your pregnancy!

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