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    just wondering if there is a schedule for ultra sound scans. i have read some topics posted on here where girls are going for a scan at 6 weeks and my doctor hasnt mentioned anything about having a scan so early. also, does everyone have the translucency scan for genetic screening at 11-14 weeks or just those who have medical history or are over 32? i have also heard other girls say their first scan was at 18 weeks!! i dont think i can wait that long to see the little critter!

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    Hi Hollo
    usually those considered at risk of multiples/ ectopic pregnancies or previous problems with bleeding / IVF /Clomid babies have early 6-7 wks scans (call them heartbeat scans in AC circles) - or to check the embryo is where is should be and viable.
    Though some others have them too - like those not sure of their dates - for them it is called a dating scan.

    The approx. 12 week scan is Nuchal Translucency / measures neck skin fold to check for genetic abnormalities like you mentioned etc.

    You can ask for this scan at any age - and many do even if younger or those not even considering termination if a problem is found - just to know everything is okay is a great peace of mind.

    the 18wk scan is morphology scan that most people have these days

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    depending on your doctor many don't do the early scan unless there have been previous problems or you are unsure of your dates. The Nuchal scan is not mandatory and again depends on your thoughts, your doctor, and your age. I believe if you are in the high risk category (over a certain age) they will recommend it but under that it depends - I don't know that the public system does it unless you are high risk. Then the morphology scan at 18 weeks (or there abouts) is I believe a standard where they check absolutely everything they can out to make sure bubs is growing correctly - in reality the only "have to have" so to speak (not that you have to have anything but I'm sure you know what i mean. Any scans after that are dependent on yours and babys health - if everythings is fine you won't get anymore. If you are with an OB that has a scan machine in their office quite often they will do one at a lot of visits just to give you a peek and see how things are going.

    Hope this makes sense someone else may be able to clarify further - especially the "requirements" for the NT scan

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    oh ok. thanks for the info, much appreciated.

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