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    Oct 2004

    Shared Care

    Has anyone done shared care, with a GP and hospital?

    What was it like?

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    Jul 2004

    Yes i did shared care with the hospital and my GP and to be completly honest i hated the whole thing! Worst choice i ever made during pregnancy. I got a different doctor each time at the hospital and never got a midwife until i was 5 days over due, so i never knew the midwives who attended the birth. The GP and doctors IMO rushed me out the door asap and i felt unwelcome. I felt i didnt have any control over any of my choices and i just really hated it. Next baby i will be paying for a public OB no questions asked. But hey that's just my experience! Don't go on what happened to me as you may find it completely the opposite! Goodluck with whatever you choose!

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    Jul 2004
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    I started off doing shared care, but I really didnt like my GP, so managed to get the last spot in a special program at the hospitals antenatal clinic. Its where all of your pregnancy care is monitored by the same team of midwives, so you have more chance of getting someone you know for an appt, and at the birth too.
    Sorry I dont have more experience with shared care, but I think there are heaps of ladies on here who do, and will be able to help!

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    Jun 2005

    I had shared care with my dd and was fine with it. Didn't have much choice mind you as came back from living overseas when I was 34 weeks and didn't have private health. Honestly it didn't really bother me seeing different midwives and the care when I had dd and afterwards was fantastic. Suppose it depends on your hospital though....

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    Feb 2005
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    i had shared care with my OB and GP, it was great, cause i really lioke my gp ( and he is cheaper)

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    Jun 2005

    Unless you love your GP it seems a bit weird to do it that way as if you just use the midwifes it doesn't cost you anything to go and they are most likely more helpful as they only deal with pregnancy and babies

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    getinmybelly!! Guest

    I am doing shared care. I love my GP (have been seeing him since I was a baby). He remembers stuff about me and asks whenever I go. For example I have very bad ankles and today he asked about them, and said to be careful in summer.

    I also had shared care with DD and was fine with it.

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    Aug 2005

    I had shared care with dd and this pregnancy and I love it, even if it's just the fact that I see the same person for each visit for at least half my pregnancy.

    That said, I didn't mind seeing a different doc each hospital visit either. They must do it different over here, coz I only saw the midwife at my first hospital visit, and then in the labour ward...

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    Lee33 Guest

    Im only 14 weeks pregnant, so am new to all this. I am using shared care. Have had 3 visits with my GP so far, have my first appt with the hospital at 19 weeks. So far its been great. I have known my GP for about 20 years, so feel comfortable with her, and she knows my medical history. That was my main reason for choosing shared care. If I hadnt known my GP for very long, I would have gone with a midwife option at the hospital.

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    Fruitwood Guest

    Hi, I initially wanted to go with Shared Care as i really like my GP but the hospital I am booked into doesn't support shared care so I had to decide between the midwife clinic or a private obstetrician. I went with the midwife clininc based on price and found that I get someone new each time I visit. Even though I have the same appointment time and day each visit the midwife is always someone different. I've found some are nicer than others but all have contradicting opinions on what is safe and what is not during pregnancy. For my next baby I'm going to book into a hospital that will allow me to see the same person all the time as I've found the constant change of having to get to know someone new all the time really unsettling. Choose what feels right to you. Midwife clinics fill up fast though so if you want to go that direction you need to book fairly early into your pregnancy.


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    Oct 2005
    Dandenong Ranges

    I doing share care with my GP & Ob. Really like my GP so happy to keep seeing him. As I am having twins the Ob said in the final weeks I will have share care with 3 people as he will get me to see a twin specialist also.

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    Feb 2004

    Shared care here too - same as getinmybelly, I have been seeing my Dr since I was a baby so it made sense because he knew all about me.

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    Oct 2004
    Caroline Springs,Melbourne

    I am doing share care. I see my GP for most of the visits. I have seen the midwifes at 12weeks, 20 weeks and 35 weeks. I dont see them again until I am either in labour of O/due in which case they booked me in for induction.

    I love seeing my GP for all my visits as she knows my history. I have met some of the midwifes thru the couple of apps, and classes we attended at the hospital. I dont think I am going to be too concerned who is with me during labour as far as the midwife is concerned as long as they work me thru it.

    The only downside I thought was that the hospital never passed on any info back to my GP however she always sent me a list of paperwork to provide them. The communication was only 1 way.

    Oh well. I have enjoyed it and should all be ended by end of this week hopefully. I am hoping we dont make the next app which is wednesday, fingers crossed.

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    Lee-Ann Guest

    I'm doing shared care with my Ob and Dr although to be honest I'd rather just see my Ob which I should have done in the first place. I also see the midwives at the hospital just so I get to know them.

    I'm really happy with the care I'm receiving but just felt I should've just went with an Ob all the way through instead of shared care.