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Thread: Sharp cramps after vagina contractions

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    luckydraw Guest

    Default Sharp cramps after vagina contractions

    Hi girls,

    I am pregnant for 5w3d. When I slept this morning, I felt vagina contractions and then sharp cramps lasting for couple minutes. It made me exhausting for the whole day.

    After that event, there is no spotting/bleeding and further cramps. I rang my doctor and was informed it was normal and OK if there was no other symptoms.

    Is that right? I never heard anybody talking about these during 1st trimester and now feel scared even go to sleep. By the way, I had vagina contractions during sleep before pregnancy as well. I don't know why it happens and how to stop it.

    Please help me.

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    angelique Guest


    Hi Lucky,

    I had cramps like that in the first trimester, even the second. It is totally normal as long as there is no bleeding. Don't forget that everything is growing at a rapid rate to make room for the baby. Sometimes, the cramps can be a nerve that runs from your uterus to your vagina. Just don't lift anything heavy and relax when these cramps come on. They will pass much faster if you relax through them.

    Just wait till you get those ligament stretches. They hurt just as badly if not more.

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    luckydraw Guest


    Dear Angelique,

    Thank you so much for the advice.

    Relaxation is really important. Up to now, everything seems alright so I decide to let what happened gone. This is my 1st pregnancy. It make me realized that to be a mom-to-be isn't an easy journey at all. Well, I am trying to enjoy it.

    Take care.


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    I just wanted to pop my head in and say congratulations, I had been wondering how things turned out. Hope you can relax..easy said than done and enjoy this little bubby

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    angelique Guest


    Hi Lucky,

    I know how hard it is to enjoy your pregnancy in the first trimester. If it is not the morning sickness that makes you feel awful it is the thought of any cramps or discharge being the onset of miscarrage.

    You will get through it and next time around these things will not bother you at all. I am hoping I am more relaxed next time around too. All my friends who have had their seconds and thirds say they don't worry anymore and just take it as it comes. The unknown is very scary.

    Hang in there sweetheart and vent any worries on this chat site. It is just such a relief to find someone that has gone through the same thing as you and can help out.


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    luckydraw Guest


    Thank you, girls!

    There are no more cramps, also none spotting/bleeding/backpains. Now I just suffer nausea/sore boobs/food craving/dizziness every single day. I am trying to be happy, really happy... although it is not easy at all. Pregnancy is NOT so delightful as what I thought before. Well I am hanging there.

    Good luck to you all too.


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