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Thread: Sharp pains when standing.. anyone else?

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    Babushka Doll Guest

    Question Sharp pains when standing.. anyone else?

    Hi everyone!

    Hope everyone is going along fab and bubs is being kind to you

    Just wondering if you girls have had a similar experience to me......

    I have been getting sharp, stitch like pains recently, especially when standing after sitting, or lying for a period of time (more than 10 mins). The pains are in one or both sides, quite low. I am a little concerned, but am hoping that its all part of the 'big stretch' !!! LOL

    BTW - Im 5 weeks and 2 days today!

    Thanx girls

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    mooshie Guest



    i had exactly these types of pains during all of my pregnancies, in the first trimesters. i think it is just all related to the stretching etc, but if you are worried speak to your doctor.

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    mum5boys Guest


    I have been getting the same pains for about a week now and I remember getting them with my other pregnancies as well. I think its just all the stretching, I am not to concerned but if you are worried get it checked out for your own peace of mind.
    Take Care

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    Babushka Doll Guest


    Thanx girls, Im pretty sure its all part of the stretching too, I don't have any other nasty signs like bleeding etc Just wanted to find out if anyone else had experienced them, my tummy is already starting to get a little hard bump, seems like it has happened overnight, so must be all that stretching going on!

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    malimum Guest


    Hey babushka doll,

    Our bodies go thru some amazing changes when we are pg, some good and some bad, it makes it all worth while in the end. Im sure your body is in preparation for the growing of ur bubs. Like every1 said if u have concerns maybe you can discuss it with ur ob.

    Good luck and enjoy ur pg


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    Greets Babushka,

    I'm no expert (this is my first!) but I went to my GP with the same pulling stuff, it was constant for 3 days. She sent me to have an u/s to make sure bubs was in the correct place - bubs is - and I felt a lot better hearing the heartbeat.

    But mind you, expensive!

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    I had the same at about 5 - 6 weeks. I still get them every now and then,and I had them with my first as well. I think it is all pretty normal


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    I had the same as was told its stretching. I still get it every now and then.

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    I had the same too - all stretching - but if the pain changes or you get other symptoms you should definitely get it checked medically.

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