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    Hi Guys,

    Me again - sorry.

    I'm 8 weeks by GP calculations and I think 7 weeks by mine. I seem to have a slightly round belly already??? I know it can be due to gas etc.. (HA HA), but it's still there first thing in the morning which doesn't normally happen for me.

    I know it seems to early to be showing, but would love to hear your experiences.



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    Some woman do start showing early (and others, like me, would like to blame their belly on the baby! LOL!). Check out the gallery First Trimester Bellies - BellyBelly Member Photo Gallery ... you'll see some woman show VERY early!

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    Congrats on your pregnancy!
    I was sooo bloated at around 8 weeks, which made it look like I was showing already. I also had really bad m/s at that time and the only thing I could eat without throwing up was milk arrowroot biscuits. At about 10 weeks I was a bit more bloated and looked like I had a little pot belly, but then it went down by around 12 weeks. At about 16 weeks I strted looking pudgy and belly started to pop out and at bout 18 weeks I looked definately pregnant.

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