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Thread: slow fetal growth and HR?

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    Default slow fetal growth and HR?

    I am currently 7w2d pregnant, concieved with OI/IUI. I have had 2 previous m/cs and one successful pg leading to the birth of my gorgeous DS
    Found out last week we are having twins and although a little stunned, bcame instantly attached to both.
    Another scan today showed they are both quite behind on growth (5 and 7 days behind). Plus, "twinB" had very slow HR of 90bpm. "twinA" was at 132bpm.
    Soke with my OB tonight and he thinks chances pretty slim for twinB and not really sure about twinA.
    Of course I am a total blubbering mess atm but can't let go of the hope that maybe they might still be ok.
    My question is, has anyone had a baby in which early scans showed slow growth and slow HR but went on to be ok. Just clutching at straws but will take any hope I can

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    I cant say I've had that kind of experience, I just wanted to wish you all the best & I hope & pray both your little ones hang in there. You brought a tear to my eye from reading what your OB said...

    Try to stay positive & huge hugs to you hun :hugs:

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    Sorry to hear that news. Babies are miracles all on their own that is for sure so I would be hopeful that your babies will be perfect. I'm not sure what you were meaning with how they were conceived but does that mean that the dates just can't be wrong? Praying that we will hear some good news soon.

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    Oh praying for you that everything works out fine.

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