Hi I just found out on sunday that I'm pregnant. I got the results today of an ultrasound (done 1.5 weeks ago) which says there are small cystic areas within the endometrium that need futher evaluation. The thickening of the endometrium was also 17mm. (hopefuly that was because I was just pg) I was having the ultrasound because I hadn't had a period since 5th Oct, and they wanted to check my ovaries

My Dr said we'll just treat it as a normal pg until I have another US to say otherwise. and put it down to hormonal. i'm prob between 4-7 weeks pg

Has anyone else had an US which has said similar things???? I know I shouldn't get worried yet but you just do. I'm going to get a BT today to hopefuly give them an Idea of how far along I am. The Dr want's me to get another US as soon as we can.