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    Stevie Guest

    So Confused


    I am 10 weeks pregnant with my first and so many people tell me different things. Can I or can I not eat ham my doctor says I can but another lady from work said her doctor said no. ](*,)

    Thanks for your help?!

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    Hi Stevie,

    First of all welcome to BB.
    I am really not sure. I have never heard this although I have heard that you should be careful with processed meat due to the increased risk of bacteria. I guess that I'm not reall yalot of help to you. I know that you shouldn't eat stuff like Pate and soft cheeses like camembert due to Listeria, but other than that I don't know.

    Hopefully somebody else can help you with that one. I never did stop eating ham, devon or salami though.

    Take care

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    Hi Stevie!

    Welcome to first trimester! You're further along than me, but I've been doing some research into what-not-to-eat in pregnancy (particularly first tri), and my husband is a microbiologist so he's pretty pedantic too. My opinion on the ham issue is that it's best to avoid most hams in first tri...mainly because of the nitrates that are used in the curing process, and there are some concerns about 'cold' meats and bacteria - unless they're kept at the right temperature all the time (some Deli's and shops are a bit dodgy). The good news is that Ham off the bone (fresh, uncured leg ham) seems to be ok. Get them to freshly slice it, and make sure it's been kept in refrigeration.

    Hope that helps!



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    akimum Guest

    Hi Stevie,

    Here is some info I found re: this. Hope it helps.

    Listeriosis can be transferred to the foetus and at worst can cause miscarriage, stillbirth or premature birth. Sometimes listeriosis has no symptoms, however, it may manifest as flu-like symptoms such as fever, headache, vomiting and diarrhoea or more serious symptoms such as meningitis or blood poisoning.

    Listeria grows in the fridge. Do not eat foods that have been stored in the fridge for more than 12 hours. In other words, avoid leftovers and eat only freshly cooked or prepared food and avoid foods that are past their use-by date. If you are in doubt, throw it out.

    Avoid high-risk foods including:

    Smoked seafood

    Soft or gourmet cheeses such as ricotta, camembert, cottage, blue vein, danish blue, stilton
    Unpasteurised cheeses
    Soft serve ice-cream
    Cold cooked chicken
    Cold meats

    Store bought salads
    Salads prepared more than 12 hours ago

    Raw seafood including sashimi, sushi and oysters


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    I was told by many people including my doctor that you shouldn't eat processed meat because of Listeria, which can cause miscarriages. I was also told not to eat soft serve ice cream, soft cheeses or anything with unnatural food colouring in it.

    Also you shouldn't eat peanuts while pregnant or breastfeeding as this is one of the major reasons why babies/kids get an allergic reaction to them.

    There are many websites that you can look up to find out what you can and cannot eat. Just type Listeria or what not to eat while pregnant in a search engine and they should come up.

    Hope this helps!

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    There is an article about Listeria on the main bellybelly site under the pregnancy section.

    Love :hbeat:

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    Hi Stevie

    Congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome to first Trimester.

    I`m Deeanne, I`m 11 weeks pregnant with #1, married to Mark, Mark has 2 boys from a previous relationship.

    I`ve been concerned as to what to eat and not to eat, my GP told me to keep away from soft cheeses, didn`t mention ham etc at all, but am aware your not suppose to eat deli meats so I buy the pre packed ham, I have had the deli meat on a number of occasions throughout pg. I also see that I`m not suppose to have unpasterised milk - which I do (we own a 530 acre Dairy Farm) as Mark has said his first wife drank it, his mum, his Grandmother, I normally only have a little in my tea as I don`t like milk.

    Take Care


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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2004

    Hi Stevie,
    I let my body tell me! I found I was really turned off anything that had been hanging around a couple of days, and couldn't even stop at a deli counter!
    I think if you bought the ham yourself and sliced it with clean knife etc. it wouldn't be too bad. Keep in mind the more surface area, the more places for bacteria to grow! So if you buy already sliced ham, the risk is greater than if you buy a chunk and slice it.
    In saying that, since being pg I have eaten soft cheese, deli meats, raw seafood, unwashed veges in Vietnam, bought dips, ready made salads - so I'm really not the best person to ask!
    Best wishes for your pg - hope its all happy and healthy!

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    Melinda Guest

    Hi Stevie,

    My OB told me that ham was fine. I always bought the ham fresh from the butcher so that it was sliced in front of me; I never bought anything from the supermarket etc etc. He also told me that cold meats were fine. The only other things I was told to avoid were soft cheeses, soft serve ice cream, under-cooked or raw eggs etc and anything unpasturised. I wasn't told anything about peanuts and I did eat them from time to time.

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    Hey Stevie, welcome to BB :wave:

    Not much more to add to what the girls have said, they have pretty well covered everything

    The only thing is, I would go by what your Dr said rather than taking what someone else's has.

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    Stevie Guest

    Thank you everyone for your help!! \/

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    Bespoke Image Guest

    What to eat and avoid varies from country to country. Last pregnancy I was in the UK and ham was fine (they live on the stuff), but when I got here and went and had my first appointment in the hospital they gave me a pamphlet with what to avoid during pregnancy (especially first trimester) and ham was on it, along with anything unpasturised (cheese wise) due to risk of listeria - which is tiny, but possible.

    So this pregnancy I'm avoiding the ham during the first trimester, even though I ate it during last pregnancy and everything was fine. Mind you, in France they don't tell you not to eat soft cheeses and even say drinking a glass of red wine every day is good for you. In America, you're not allowed even 1 drop of alcohol.

    In the end it's up to you to decide on what level of risk you're prepared to take. There is no "right" and "wrong" in a definitive sense just lots of conflicting advice.

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    Imogen - Just wanted to say now in the UK they have changed it and ham is on the list as is all other listeria foods.

    The other thing they do not like you to eat is peanuts i know someone said nuts was alright but they have linked eating peanuts to nut allergies in children.

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    Bespoke Image Guest

    I believe they go so far as to say that you shouldn't eat peanuts whilst breastfeeding either for the same reason.

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    boyplz Guest

    hi everyone, im very new to this site, registered about 30mins ago. i have 2 older girls nearly 13 and nearly 11 and i must say none of this was known when i was pregnant with them or if it was wasnt as available. i think the main thing is common sense and looking after yourself, dont panic about everything, not everything is in our control. we are trying to get pregnant at the moment, may be but not sure af is 4-5 days late, but 2 hpt tell me no, off to drs 2morrow, will know then. hopefully i can join the other girls due around same time. by the way stevie, you are the first female i have met (well kind of) with the same name as my daughter

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    Stevie Guest

    hi boyplz

    Yes Stevie isn't very common and I can assure your daughter will get plenty of what is that short for and that is unusual?? And my personal favourite is isn't that a boys name?? But at least when people meet us they never forget our names!!!

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    boyplz Guest

    very true, she already gets asked is that short for stephanie, and i used to get sick of people referring to her as he, when she was a baby, good luck with the pregnancy

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    lovebourbon Guest

    Soft serve

    This may sound silly but I was just reading stevie's questions about ham ect and noticed soft serve ice cream was mentioned. To ask a silly question but does this include ice cream in a tub??? Or just like wendy's and that.. Mr Whippy...lol
    I ask because ice cream is one of my foods at the moment. With chocolate ice magic mmm. Is this safe?