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Thread: So scared of CVS!!!! PLZ HELP!!!

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    Unhappy So scared of CVS!!!! PLZ HELP!!!

    In about two weeks, I am due for a CVS to test for Down's Syndrome. My Ob suggested me to do the test. THis is my first pregnancy, and I am a newbie to everything... So, when I booked myself the CVS appointment, I also did some research on my own using the internet. I gathered that CVS has a 1% chance of miscarriage. I know that it is not a great value, but I am so scared that I could be included in that 1%.... You really never know, right? The thing is I am 24 years old and do not have any family history of genetic abnormalities... I know that Down's Syndrome is higher for women over 35 years of age and if they have past family history of some genetic abnormalities... So, would it sound arrogant if I tell my Ob I feel "reluctant" in doing the test as it still carries risk of m/c? Am I being unreasonable or too paranoid? Please help!!!

    Did anyone refuse having the test done? Please share your experience with me... I'm so unsure!

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    have u had the nt scan? i always thought u had to have the scan first and a blood test and then if the results don't come back good u look into cvs?

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    No, I haven't had the NT scan nor blood test... My Ob just offered CVS when I was 7 weeks pregnant... Does this sound like something is wrong?

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    yeah i always thought u have the NT scan first and blood test (thats all i had).. then if they come back showing signs of Downs sydrome then u have the CVS if u want, u dont have to have it, it is totally ur desicion..

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    carmen every dr is different with what they suggest and cvs is more accurate then the other tests so maybe this is why ur ob has suggested u skip straight to that? if there is no family history though and its just ur age i would talk to your ob about being concerned about having it because to me he hasn't given u any good reason to have it especially the way ur feeling...
    question everything! u are not being arrogant or paranoid this is your body and ur baby and ofc you have the right to say yes or no... i would ask your ob if u can just start with the nt scan which is just an ultrasound where they measure the thickness of ur babies neck they combine ur age the results of this and the results of a blood test to get a ratio of the chance of ur baby having different types of down syndrome ie 1:500 chance... after u have had that done u can see what ur risk is and then decide whether or not u want to have a cvs or an amnio centisis (sp) to find out for sure.. at 7 weeks i highly doubt he has suggested this to you because there is something wrong as i said it depends on ur family history etc but at this point there isn't really any way of him knowing for sure u have a problem like that without these teste iykwim? i hope i am making sense preg brain is well and truley here for me!!!
    deffinately talk to your ob about it because u don't want to jump into something u dnt feel comfortable with if its not necessary

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    Carmen i would go and have the NT san and blood test done first. Once you have the results from that you will know if you really need to have the CVS done.
    I find it very strange that your OB is sending you for a CVS without having the NT scan at 12wks.

    What State are you from ?

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    After hearing all your experiences, I feel more assertive in speaking up front with my Ob. I guess, in a way, I've been feeling uneasy because she set me up for a CVS appointment at my week 7 visit... Although I had no clear idea of CVS was, I thought it sounded "strange" since she did not even investigate anything further. This got me worrisome for the past 3 weeks.. So, I did a lot of research and came up with basically your suggestions (to do the NT test & blood test) first... CVS is only ordered when the NT comes up to a higher risk.

    At this stage, I definitely will not risk my baby's life especially if it's unnecessary. On my next visit, I will definitely draw my Ob's attention to this matter as it has been distressing my mind for a long time!

    I will keep you all updated with how everything goes... Just hope that my Ob will not feel offended! Thank u for all your replies!

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    How old are you? do you or the dad have a history of downs? does sound odd that she ordered that upfront before an NT scan.

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    dnt worry about offending ur ob i bet they have heard it all before!!! can u imagine the things he/she would hear from different women?

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    I'm 24 years old & no history of Downs in my family (parents, grandparents, great grandparents)

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    I will keep praying while waiting in the waiting room to see my Ob (LOL)

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    Carmen - definitely don't let your ob push for this before you have had the Nuchal Scan and blood tests. Many women opt to not even worry about having the NT scan.

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    That's definately very strange Carmen. Even women with both family history and age risks usually wait till the NT scan and blood results come back before deciding to take the next step.

    If it were me, I'd be very reluctant to trust your OB at all with future decisions, that sounds very strange especially considering your age which holds very minimal risk and zero family history? Definatley double check any other scans or tests she sends you to or find another OB..I've honestly never heard of this happening before. Even Dr's often don't worry about the NT scan when you are that young, but just give you the option.

    Good luck hun.

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    carmen no offence but i think u need a new ob, i am 21 and my dr said it wasn't even necessary to have the scan if i didn't want to its a choice... it dosn't make sence for him/her to push cvs on you at 7 weeks preg with no reason!!!

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    Carmen you have every right to refuse any test that you don't feel comfortable with - and this in no way makes you negligent or irresponsible
    In fact I would go so far as to say it seems a bit irresponsible of your OB to be offering someone with such low risk factors this invasive test without so much as an explanation as to why she thinks it necessary

    When I was pregnant with DS my OB wrote out all the referrals for me to have the NT scan and blood tests before he even asked me if I wanted it. I didn't have it with my first bub and had no intention of having it with my second one either. I politely told him that DH and I had discussed this issue and decided to forgo that particular test.
    He was fine with that and it wasn't mentioned again. Except for him to say that he just automatically wrote out the referrals because pretty much everyone that sees him has the test he just presumed we would be wanting it.
    This is your baby and your birth - please, please don't be afraid to stand up for what you want because you only get once chance at it with this baby, even if you go on to have more
    All the best.

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    hey and welcome!

    I had the NT test at 26 yrs old and my risk was 1:12 so we had the cvs and everything was fine for us, it was very stressful and if it is not needed then dont have a CVS !

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    Hello, I agree with Annie, I had the NT scan done, and (mostly because of my age 35) the risk factor came in quite high 1 in 41. The whole CVS process is quite unpleasant (I found it very frightening) and there is a two week wait until the final result comes in, which can be extraordinarily stressful. If you want a prelim result before that, you may have to pay a couple of hundred dollars (not rebateable on Medicare) so there is some cost involved in it as well.

    I think if you still wish to be screened, then go for the NT scan and blood test, it gives a good indication of whether any further testing is warranted. If you don't wish to be screened, then don't - as you have indicated you are not in a high risk group.

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    Hi Carmen,

    I think you have every right to question your ob/gyn. I recently had my 3rd baby at 37 years of age and my doctor just gave me the facts about the CVS and left the decision up to me. She encouraged me to think about what I would do if the result wasn't good, and this in itself convinced me not to have the test given it's risk of miscarriage. I wouldn't terminate the pregnancy if the test results were bad, so why would I want to risk miscarriage? I did have the blood tests though since they were non-invasive and at least gave me an indication on what to expect.

    Good luck with your pregnancy!

    Cheers Mary
    p.s. third baby is now a healthy 18 month old toddler

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