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    Are there any ideas out there on how to combat first trimester tiredness without caffiene? I am trying to reduce my caffiene intake and i am so so tired, i am on pramin for m/s.
    Any help would be appreciated!
    Love Bec

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    I feel exactly the same, like a walking zombie. It does get better in the second trimester but Caro is right, it is back with a vengence in the third.

    Try to make sure you eat a healthy diet and rest whenever you can. If it means going to bed at 8.00pm then do it, every little bit counts.

    Hope you feel better soon


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    Hello, I just want to second the 'take naps' message. If it means you have to take a day off work now and again to sleep and rest then do it! Let the housework slide, get takeaway food, etc!

    I also struggled with the caffeine thing. I drink a tea brand called Madura which is naturally lower in caffeine than others, and gives me a nice pick up without being too strong. Also, some days (when I'm desperate and need to get through the afternoon without falling asleep at my desk) I have a cup of coffee made with just half of a level teaspoon of instant coffee. I find I'm more sensitive to the caffeine anyway so it has the same effect as a normal cup. You could add a half teaspoon of decaffeinated coffee if it tastes too weak.


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    being extremely tired and run down is the worst part of the first trimester my advice drink lots of water and take pregnancy multi vitamins. it worked for me.

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    Just thought I would add one of the side effects of pramin is impaired alertness

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    Definately sleep when you can! I would come home from work about 5pm and sleep for about 45 mins to an hour, make dinner, eat, then back to bed.
    The 2nd trimester does get better. I am nearly into the third and am finding I am starting to get tired again.

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    nimchimpsky Guest


    You also could ask your doctor to check your iron levels - if they are low that can make you quite tired.
    There is an iron supplement called "Fefol" available at the Chemists that is great to take during pregnancy.

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    The only cure for tiredness is to sleep - even if only a short nap.

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    Naps, I sleep all the time I can't concentrate on any of my uni work I just fall asleep, can't do assignments can't read the readings its very stressful but I try not to think about it at the end of the day it's just a course and this is my bubbers I'm going to my body what it needs over a few pieces of paper.

    Have you tried increasing your sugar intake a little to try and compensate for the lack of caffiene? I'm on no caffiene at the moment it's killing me lol

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    yup nap and good diet. early nights.
    tiredness is totally normal - your body is starting one h*ll of a job atm!
    you could try a preg multivitamin as they have iron in them..

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    I was on Elevit for my first pg and currently on it for my second too and it's great. my iron levels are fantastic and feeling happy and energetic. Plenty of naps help too and keeping up your fruit and veg. If its getting really bad, go see your GP and he'll probably recommend a multi like Elevit to help you feel better.

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    i was extremely tired from about 6-10 weeks.. i was finding i was only awake for 10 hrs a day lol.. being my first pg, i thought sleeping alot was normal.. definately keep an eye on your iron levels.. by the time i seen the doc, i was seriously deficient.. i've since then had iron shots and am taking vitamins everyday..

    if you'd rather not take tablets, try having a cup of tea in the morning, and at lunch time if necessary - there are low levels of caffeine and should help you stay a bit more alert during the day

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