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    Mar 2009

    So tired

    I've been so tired... sitting at the computer before work, sitting down at work and flopping on the couch after work. About an hour before I finish work I start fantasizing about lying down.
    Last night I lay on the couch as DP cleaned the house. I felt guilty but I was so tired my arms and legs were aching. (He's so sweet, he told me to keep lying down and looking after the baby.)
    I'm sleeping 9 or 10 hours at night and having trouble dragging myself out of bed in the morning. I just can't exercise when I feel like this either.
    What is going on? If this is just pregnancy tiredness, how do people cope with kids when they're like this? And my main question -- does this "clear up". Do women remain this worn out for the whole pregnancy or is it usually just a first trimester thing?

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    Dec 2006
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    supposedly you get a burst of energy in the second tri - but some don't! i went from needing 14 hours to function, to needing probably 10 and a nana nap in the second tri. now i feel like i'm heading back to the 14 hours. it's horrible feeling so damn tired all the time!

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    Jul 2008

    it's a joy, isn't it? i was definitely like this in the 1st tri - in fact, i'd come home from work & sleep for an hour before i'd make dinner. actually - i changed my hours to start & finish earlier just so i'd have time to nap when i got home!!

    it has got a little better - i no longer feel quite the same complete tiredness that i did, but i do still love an afternoon nap on weekends (and weekdays if i'm not at work). i didn't get a sudden burst of energy in the 2nd tri like i thought i would, but it was an improvement.

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    Nov 2008

    I have suffered from tiredness the entire way through this pregnancy. It got a little less in second tri but definately no real energy burst. I try and rest as much as I can. All the rest I get can only be good for my Peanut. I wouldn't worry to much, just enjoy it!

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    Feb 2009

    I went from really tired in the first tri to insomniac in the second and back to tired in the third.

    I am actually a little worried because I am very very tired a lot - but also ravenously hungry. I always become a one woman eating machine just before labour.

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    May 2007
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    Yes, another very very tired mother here but I put it into perspective. Look at what your body is doing- in the first trimester creating another organ-type body part (that is so remarkable in what it does) in just 10-12 weeks (your placenta). The energy needed to do that is huge. And then growing your bub. I think it is amazing that we are not more tired, even though it is crazy just how tired I get. I have my night sleep (varies in quality...) and one or two sleeps during the day when DD sleeps. I think last time the tiredness really eased off after the first tri and I didn't need day sleeps any more. So what you are feeling is so very normal...
    Same with the hunger- your body needs enrmous amounts of energy to make and grow baby and we get that energy from food. Therefore it's normal to be ravenous so eat up all that nutritious food!

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    Nov 2008

    just rest while you can and enjoy being pregnant as much as you can , others can take up the slack

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    Jul 2008
    Cheltenham, Melbourne

    This is mother natures way of telling you to rest and look after yourself! There is plenty of time to be busy! Rest when you can and keep thinking of the wonderful job you are doing!!

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    Jan 2007
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    Oh YES, I remember it oh so well.

    The absolute exhaustion. Tired from the moment of waking till the very moment of sleeping. Actually, tired WHILE sleeping I didnt have severe MS so I think it made up for it with the tiredness. I have never experienced tiredness like it before.

    I felt tired again after having DD but it was a different tired.

    It doesnt help if you are getting disturbed sleep from the constant toilet trips either

    I found it eased to regular tired in the second tri and then to moderate/very tired in the third tri but not the extreme I had in the first. I could at least function at work and not make the silly pg mistakes eveyone laughs about. I think the tiredness was mainly to blame? (might be kidding myself there)

    Try to eat healthily as bad foods certainly wont help the metabolism/tiredness. Rest whenever you can and dont feel guilty about it! Do a little excercise if you arent too sick as that will give you an endorphin lift. Remember it isnt forever.

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    Mar 2009


    Thanks girls. I'm glad I'm not alone.

    After having a big old whinge yesterday, today I don't feel so bad. But when I don't feel so bad I worry that there's something wrong with the baby and it's all over.

    I guess I'll just rest when I feel tired and hope that I develop some super-power that allows me to cook a baby without feeling so tired.

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    JPT_123 Guest


    I am feeling awfully tired, comes in waves, I find Ginger Ale helps with a bit of sugar boost

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    Nov 2008

    I can't even begin to describe how tired I was in the first trimester - it was hell!! My family and friends were shocked and so was I. Working was a nightmare (I still don't know how I got through the days) and I pretty much stopped exercising for 3 months - which is very unsual for me as I'm normally very active and walk about 5 times a week. I skipped dinners with friends and often went to bed as soon as I got home from work. I struggled to get out of bed each morning and for a very bubbly, morning person, it just felt so wrong. I often wondered if the real 'me' would ever return.

    Well I still feel a bit tired but it's nothing compared to how I was. I found my energy levels returned about week 15 and I'm almost my old self again. Well, besides the growing belly, the restless nights and mood swings!

    Hang in there, it often gets better.

    PS: you can tell by looking at my Belly Belly 'mood' when they froze the moods ...LOL!

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    Apr 2009
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    Oh sounds familiar.
    Im 12 weeks now, and all i do is sleep, and when im not sleeping, im thinking of sleeping.

    Im not currently working, and i think your amazing if you are still surviving working and the tiredness.
    I sleep a good 11 hours over night, then usually need a nap at about 3pm in the afternoon.

    its so bad, that even just sitting on the lounge watching tv, im lathargic and tired.

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    Mar 2009

    Thanks ladies!

    I just wanted to report that a couple of weeks later I feel almost normal. I'm still sleeping more and feeling a bit tired but it's not incapacitating anymore.

    I'm posting so anyone else shocked by their tiredness can live in hope that it does clear up a bit.

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    Mar 2009



    So GLAD I read all your posts! I am absolutely cream crackered and feeling like a right lazy cow!

    So relieved everyone feels like it! This is my 3rd pregnancy and I swear I was not this tired with the other two and I had anaemia with them both!

    I was beginning to worry! I was going to go to my docs for a blood test!

    ahhh well, like someone says on here - lets make the most of chilling on the sofa and eating crap!

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    JPT_123 Guest

    Not so tired anymore either


    I also have great news to report, at 9 1/2 week I am also starting to feel better, I am no longer feeling sick all day, I am not as tired, a few weeks ago I was coming straight home from work in the afternoon for a nap, forgetting dinner or anything else that was supposed to happen.

    I had a conversation with my hubbie a couple of days ago and told him that I had felt like I been so lazy over the last few weeks and his joking reply was........You have been !! hahahaha. Anyway I am getting back to feeling a little normal so ladies hopefully anyone who is feeling like this now, you ride it out and I am sure you will feel better soon.

    PS: Blackmores Pregnancy Morning Sickness Tablets are the best.

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    May 2009
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    glad to hear your feeling better

    I thought I had been getting off lightly with the tiredness this time round but I fell asleep on the floor this afternoon playing with my daughter

    Last time round I would come home from work at four then sleep till tea, eat then go back to bed. This time round its not so easy looking after my little girl and I've also had trouble sleeping in the middle of the night which is extremely frustrating

    Hope it gets better in the 2nd trimester like last time