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Thread: Some questions!!!!

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    malimum Guest

    Default Some questions!!!!

    Geez i post!!!

    When you first are pg arent your boobs meant to feel a little hard.....mine dont they dont look a heck of alot different, except the veins may be alittle more noticeable, my areolas arent ne bigger......

    So a 2 and a bit day bleed could have been implantation bleed. I just dont wanna get my hopes up and it be all in my head. Some days it feels like im pg and other days i think its just not there.......sorry for ranting its just been hard, because we want to ttc and my silly body just does weird stuff to me. After 3 m/c's its hard to have faith sometimes, and often i ask the question why. Well hopefully on wednesday i will get some long awaited answers.

    Ne way thanks for listening. Good luck to any1 pg atm...hope all is going well


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    Ghada Guest


    Hi Malimum,

    Honestly, everyone is different when it comes to experiencing pregnancy symptoms. So not all women will have a major increase in breast size especially initially. I know i didnt, but come day 3 after bub was born and they exploded. LOL.

    Anyway, my point is, try not to stress about this, think positively and my fingers are crossed for you that everything is perfectly fine!


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    Hi Malimum,

    I feel exactly the same as you - boobs have not grown at all and I will be 8wks pg on Thursday! It's been freaking me out but so many people have reassured me that everything is fine, so try not to worry too much (I'm sure you'll do a better job of that than I have been). I've also experienced a m/c so that certainly doens't help - I completely understand where you're coming from.

    Just wanted to let you know that there are others in the same boat and we'll all get through it together. I've got another scan booked for tomorrow and it's stressing me out, so hopefully all will be good. It makes it so much harder when you don't have any symptoms, like me! Hang in there.

    Kelly xx

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    malimum Guest


    hi Kelly,

    Thankyou, as awful as it sounds, im glad that i found this forum, because like you said you can all get thru 2gether when something is bothering you. Im not sure if im pg yet, im gonna wait til wednesday coz the dr is gonna do tests and ask lots of ?'s so im gonna talk to him then and see wat he thinks. He may even do a pg test after i tell him my symptoms and concerns. I havent had sore boobs today yesterday they were a bit sore. The only thing that makes me think i may be pg is more short af this month and the yellowish discharge from one of my boobs. Ne way i wont rant ne more. Im just praying that the doc can help me find out y i cant conceive atm

    I do hope your scan goes alright 2moro.....thoughts are with you I think its in our make-up to worry, and i think its perfectly normal, if we dont worry who!!!!
    Good luck 2moro im sure everything will be a o.


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    malimum Guest


    Another ?....sorry!!!

    Can your boobs get itchy in early pg and my stomach is a little itch to....just wanna know

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