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    abs Guest

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    Hi everyone

    As this is our first pregnancy, and we have a nice [url=]spa outside[/url] (which was finally fixed yesterday after being offline since January - the pics are from some time ago though), the research we've done online seems confusing... We are due to see the Ob next week where we'll ask her, but wondering if others know in the mean time

    Most places seem to say no time in the spa! Is it just because of the water temperature ? Is it because of the water flow possibly going places or some other reason

    Say we had the temperature turned down (Jen loves it at about 25deg) and the pumps turned off, is there any reason why she can't have a dip during the summer months. The house is airconditioned but she loves the water soooo much

    Thoughts and ideas and opinions are all welcome


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    Jodie259 Guest


    I'm no expert...
    but I think the main concern for spas is the heat of the water. I have two spas... (different locations)... and one of them continues to heat the water (so it never goes cold). And as we all know, if we lie in a hot bath tub for long enough you end up sweating like a pig anyway!

    So I imagine that if you lower the temperature, and not stay in the bath for too long - it would be fine! Ensure that Jen drinks lots of water whilst in it too... so she's not dehydrating. I think the jets would be okay too... but not directly onto the tummy.

    I better not show my hubby the pictures of your spa.... he'll want to get one just like it! He just loves have speakers everywhere!! It looks great, and I'm sure you'll get lots of use out of it. It would be a shame if Jen misses out due to pregnancy... but I'm sure she'll be fine. I've had some spa's since I've been pregnant... and the back relief is worth it all!!!

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    abs Guest


    thanks - that's what I thought

    Fortunately almost every jet can be varied from off through fully on

    And yeah, the water is properly treated according to directions :smt023

    (hmm nearly have my ten posts so I can access the men's area \/ )

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    The spa is beautiful and it would be great to have one, but during pregnancy I would be very careful re heat levels, and also bacteria.

    Some people even go as far as to say you should just have showers during pregnancy and avoid baths, particularly if you're at risk of Premature Rupture of Membranes.

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    No Spas! It raises your core body temperature too high and can result in loss of the baby. Maybe ask your dr what the hottest possible temp is.

    Sounds like a possible water birth if Jen likes the water so much. It can really help in labour, especially if she is a water baby herself!

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    abs Guest


    hehe, no chance of a water birth - she's booked in for the hospital and wants all the drugs she can get her hands on

    Water temp, as mentioned earlier, is probably about 25deg, which should be fine. But as I also mentioned, we will double check with Ob next Friday... we are away for the next couple of days anyway (she's on a conferemce in Canberra and I'll work from the local office in Canberra whilst she is on the conference - I work "remotely" in Sydney) and quite busy once we get back... the temptation won't be there for her to get in beforehand

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest


    I have heard too that the bubbles aren't good as they can go up places (IYKWIM) and they can cause air bubbles in the bloodstream which is not good for mum or bubs.

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    abs Guest


    no bubbles in ours though - tis just jets of water

    Not actually certain if any spa's really have bubbles ??

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    A spa is fine. Just keep the water warm, not hot. And in the last week or so of your pregnancy just be aware that when you are in the spa you may not notice your waters break should this happen.

    Alan (Midwife)

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    abs Guest


    hi folks

    we spoke with the Ob on friday - she said it only really mattered if up ofer say 42+ degrees

    (mine max's out at 40 anyway)

    As has been mentioned, warm not hot is not a problem at all, and don't get dehyrdated - which tends to come from heat & alcohol, so neither is a problem for us

    Excellent !!

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