thread: Sport and early pregnancy

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    Jun 2005

    Sport and early pregnancy


    Im 5 weeks and play indoor netball once a week. Due to return (weve had last week off due to Public HOl) this week and feel very nervous about playing.

    Like should i be playing? This is bubs#2 for us, i continued playing up until 12 weeks with #1 (stoopid i know) i feel different with this pregnancy, more cautious - maybe cause i know how precious the munchkins are.

    Anyone else, still in early days of preg but still gettin the joggers on?

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    May 2004

    Hey there,
    ASs far as I am aware, it's fine to keep pl;aying, just don't get that heart rate up too high... ie: dont go too crazy.

    I plan to keep playing basketball to 12 weeks or longer.... but I don't go too hard, just run around and have a bit of fun!

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    Feb 2005
    Mid North Coast NSW

    hi apple,

    i know a lot of drs day it is fine to keep it up, but i would say that if you are feeling cautious you should listen to that!

    i loved jogging before pregnant and really had to toss up whether or not to give it up. i grudgingly gave it up at 5 weeks, then by 6 weeks had yukky MS so wouldnt have been able to go anyway!

    hope this helps,


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    Aug 2004


    I was playing netball before I fell pregnant, so my body was used to it. I stopped playing 2xgames a week of indoor at about 14 weeks, and then completely stopped about 20 weeks. I continued coaching juniors until 42 weeks (D'OH!!!) and was back on the court training the juniors a week after she was born. I had my first competitive outdoor game at 8 weeks post birth, but I've been training properly since about 4 weeks post birth.

    Do what feels right!! I found I had to move into WA/GS roles cause it hurt to lift my arms and defend, and so I had to play attack. Towards the end I also found I couldn't bend over to get the ball.

    I had a very healthy little girl, and probably laboured well because I was pretty fit.

    See your Dr, but like I say - do what feels right.

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    Custardtart Guest

    If you do feel that the exercise is too intense for you, don't stop exercising, just switch what you are doing to a low-impact exercise that suits you. You'll find you carry the baby much easier in the third trimester if you do keep exercising, particularly if you are involved in something that helps to increase your core strength (like pilates). I'm a big fan of swimming, if for no other reason than it is possible to exercise without being weighed down!


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    mooshie Guest

    hi there

    i played indoor volleyball until i was 27wks (not as rough as netball) and you only have max 4 to a side so there was no worries about crashing into my bump or anything, i took it a little easier than usual and i new when i was ready to give up. i also went to the gym 3 days per week throughout my pg and did pump classes until around 20wks (had a few problems with the laying on the back excersices) - i think maybe the best thing is to chat to your gp and/or ob/midwife to make sure that all will be okay to keep doing what you want - i remember my gp mentioning that it was important my heart rate stayed lower than 130 bpm in my first trimester when excersing.

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    May 2005

    netball should be fine so long as you take care not to overheat for extended periods of time. i had to give up hockey, but that is a much rougher game (and i played goalie for one team) and insurance wouldn't cover me.

    i guess you need to figure out what you feel comfortable with. if you are uncertain or anxious maybe break for the rest of the season is best - otherwise enjoy yourself and don't feel guilty.

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    Jun 2005

    thanks girls.

    Well im due on the court tomorrow night. Going to put my hand up for GK (i usually play GD). That way i am not running around as much. Your all right, exercise maintains a healthy pregnancy as well as labour. Heres hoping we win !!!!

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    Dec 2004

    I played league tennis until about 16 weeks, and then only gave up because the season had finished. I did give up some of my more strenuous sports though (running and bootcamp). I discussed with my OB, and the advice was that it's fine to continue doing anything you are used to, but not to overdo it (e.g. get dehydrated or too tired).

    I guess with netball, the other things to consider are any risks of falling over (your centre of balance will shift over the next few months) and getting a blow to the stomach, be it a ball or another person.

    Guidance with heart rate is to generally keep it below 140bpm - my OB told me this was just a guide and the main thing is to be consistently below this, but doesn't matter if you go over for a few seconds (e.g. while running for a ball - I frequently did while playing tennis and it had no effect on me). That guideline was set in the 70's/80's anyway. I wore a heart rate monitor so I could keep an eye on it, and made sure my average heart rate during any match was below 140.

    Sorry for rambling on... I guess the main point is to listen to your body, don't do anything you aren't comfortable with, stop immediately if you start feeling any pain / crampy, make sure you drink lots of water etc etc! It is important for you to keep fit anyway!