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    *Beccy* Guest

    Spotting!!! Advice

    Hi everyone, I need advice! Sorry it TMI!

    Well, I had (what my mum thinks) is an implantation bleed yesterday.
    Very scary! I had taken DD to an indoor playground and we were having a lovely lunch and coffee. I went to the toilet and I had a smudge of red blood. Then, I got another little tiny smudge of blood again late last night! A very tiny smudge is what I'd call it....only 2 spots...but enough to make the blood drain from my face!

    I rang Mum (of and she thinks that because I am getting close to the 8wks mark, that it's just a little implantation bleed or I just got a little bit of a period because it would've been due for my period today!

    I cried last night, I was so worried....but I looked up heaps of books and it said that a little tiny bit of blood isn't a major worry unless it's associated with pain, cramping...which I have none of!

    Been taking it easy since last night and let DH bath DD and get her into bed....but he's gotta work today, so I'm planning on taking DD to the video store and letting her pick about 7 videos to watch today, so that I can lay on the couch and rest!

    Please, can someone respond and let me know that I'm not alone with my little "show".


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    Hi Becky, I've just moved this to general pregnancy discussion because you might get more answers here

    I hope you are okay, I know that there are a few others with bleeding during PG who will be able to help.

    Check out the sticky thread above about bleeding during PG and hopefully that will help too.

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    And the truth is we don't know anything
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    I had some at 6 weeks, which was found at u/s to be caused by a fibroid, nothing to do with bubs. Mine was also a really tiny amount.

    Also exercise/sport, BDing, can cause it too.

    best to check with your GP or OB, but I've heard about 20% of women had some sort of bleeding during pregnancy & go on to have healthy babies.

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    I had a little bit of bleeding at 9 weeks then 2 weeks later, it was to do with BD, it was only a little but enough to make me very worried, I`m now 35wks 5 days along and have only had the 2 episodes of bleeding.

    Take Care


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    Hey Becky,

    How scary for you! I had a little spotting at around 6w this pg and things are still going well. It's actually quite a common thing to happen even in healthy pregnancies. You might also like to check out this article on the main site about Bleeding In Pregnancy.

    Good luck!

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    *Beccy* Guest

    Thankyou to everyone who responded. Your advice and concern is very much appreciated.

    I'm happy to say that the spotting has stopped. No cramping, no pain and no more blood spots since yesterday! Phew!!

    I honestly think that my body thought I was due for my period as the spotting started on exactly 8wks pg....What a terrible worry though huh?
    Makes you stop and realise how precious life can really be!

    Thanks again to everyone, feeling ten times better and I genuinely believe I won't have any more trouble!

    Take care all.

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    Glad to hear the spotting has stopped, Becky. I hope the rest of your pg is non-eventful!!

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    Becky, I am so happy to hear everything is going well.

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    *Beccy* Guest

    Thankyou Deanne, Angel and Megan....

    All is very well now, no spotting since Sunday. I've been making an effort to take it a bit easier. Usually I can find something to wash, dry or clean...but I've made an effort not to do housework for the past couple of days ... just been laying around watching DVD's with DD.

    Am going to see my GP after lunch just to have a chat and see what he thinks...I know he'll just say...don't worry!
    Will let you all know what he thinks in my later post!


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    Glad to hear all is well Becky,

    I did nothing in my first 14 weeks of pg. DH did all housework and everything else just to be sure.

    Hope the rest of your pg is H&H.

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    *Beccy* Guest

    I've been crying all afternoon. I have an u/s appointment in the morning at 8:30am. I got more spotting, no pain or cramping...just spotting again!

    Hopefully, my little baby is ok and it's just old blood (like my GP said).

    Will let you all know tomorrow how the scan goes!


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    Becky hope all goes well with your scan tomorrow.

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    Melinda Guest

    Becky, I hope your scan goes well tomorrow. I had a few episodes of spotting. Well I wouldn't even call it that, it was more that the CM was stained a brownish colour and I would notice it when I went to the toilet. I totally freaked out too - I had it on 3 separate occasions! Brown blood is normally old is red blood that is generally the concern as it is fresh bleeding. My OB suspected that what I was experiencing was from the cervix. There is a lot more blood flow to that area during PG and he suspected that is what had caused it.

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    And the truth is we don't know anything
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    Good luck with the u/s tomorrow Becky.

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    *Beccy* Guest

    Thanks everyone...the light staining/spotting colour is bright red. But, I've had a few episodes where the discharge is brownish. Still no pain, or cramping, so that's a good sign the GP said!

    Trying not to worry...have stopped crying, can't worry about something that is beyond my control...will see what happens in the morning!

    Will let you know more tomorrow when I get back. DH is coming with me and then will go to work later! Thank goodness....don't think I could do it on my own!

    Night...take care everyone!


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    ok take 2 of going back to work.....

    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    Thinking of you Becky & wishing you good news!!!

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    *Beccy* Guest

    Well.....I'm back from my u/s. There is no bad news...just confusing news!! lol

    I am only 4-5wks pg!! The lady measured everything and showed DH and I the "sack" where the baby will grow, and said that it is very very small and she measured the gestational period, and my due date is now Nov 28!!! lol...

    So, all is ok. I should be happy, but I am trying to understand everything. When I did my blood test, I must've been very early pregnant, but there must've been enough hormone in my blood to show a small reading of 4-5 weeks...oh well....just need to relax and let mother nature take over now!!

    Thankyou to everyone for their support and encouragement when I was so down and upset!