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Thread: still having pains is it normal?

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    Default still having pains is it normal?

    Hi everyone,
    just wondering ivf been doing ivf now for 2 years am finally pregs i am 3 weeks today wondering i still get very mild period like crampos is this normal my ivf nurse she is not worried but i am still a little bit has anyone else experience this?

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    congrats coll an sending you some stickyvibes . i had a few pains threw out this preg an im now 10 weeks at 12 tonite sort of feels like period pains an ive heard its just ur uterus growing so try not to think bout it to much hunni, if it get unbearable or you stat bleeding head straight to the hospital xoxox

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    Hi Coll,

    congratulations!! i conceived through IVF and have been where you are right now. I had really bad cramping for several weeks maybe up to about week 6. It was so bad I went to the emergency department one night. I think cramping is normal for some people so try not to worry. I had to use a hot water bottle and take panedine on some nights. If your on crinone or some other progesterone suppliment this can also cause cramping or exacerbate cramping. When I had a scan about about week 7 my FS said my ovaries were still a bit enlarged from EPU so this might also have caused or exacerbated cramping.

    I agree with ebsta that if you start having some bleeding you probably want to get it checked out, but just cramping alone seems part and parcel of early preganancy for some people and can be exacerbated by IVF bits and pieces.

    Wishing you all the best

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    Thank you so so much guys that does make me feel a little better, the pains are really mild i think i worry because i had an ectopic sept last year and you no how it goes every little thing gets you in a panic but i will be cool calm and collected and try and relax and thank you again

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