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Thread: still need folate after week 13?

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    Default still need folate after week 13?

    i have been taking folate, but sporadically.. i took it all through the 1st month, not in the 2nd, mostly through the 3rd... do i still need to after now? i really hate taking supplements..

    i read that anencephaly occurs during the 1st 26 days of PG, and spina bifida in the first month of PG... and these are the 2 conditions that taking folate prevents against.. and i'm at 3 months PG now..

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    I don't think it's necessary after the 1st trimester but it also definately doesn't hurt to keep taking it. My multivitamins contain it and they are recommended throughout preg and b/feeding!

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    As the others have said, you don't need it now but if you want to continue to take it then it will not do you any harm

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