thread: Stories on how you told family & friends....

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    Oct 2004
    Back in Brisvegas :)

    Stories on how you told family & friends....

    *L* Was just reading a post somewhere and had a giggle about how they passed on the good news to family.

    I'm a blabbermouth and cant keep a secret (esp. one this exciting) for long so we told everyone at just under 5wks. [-o< everything goes well!

    The funniest reaction was my Dad. We popped around under the guise of 'just saying hi'. The moment we walked through the door he said 'so coffee?'. I was like 'no thanks Dad'. Without another beat he says 'well how about a rum?' (Dad and I have often enjoyed afternoons of rugby league with a rum'n'coke). Again I said 'no thanks, just a water'.

    He swung around with a confused look and said 'well what the hell is wrong with you then?'. *L* Then he realised cause John & I were grinning and he got all teary. Sweet.

    Meanwhile, my Mum got so teary she almost drove the car off the road! *LOL*

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    Mar 2005
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    That's so sweet!!
    My mum has already taken me shopping and bought me some maternity clothes (the pants are AWESOME and I can wear them to work now, really nice looking comfy pants. Will be wearing them after the baby too). So she's happy!!
    I thought my MIL was going to faint, so we had prepared her during the weeks before, just hinting that we were going to try, so when we told her she didn't scream or pass out. She was over the moon, and the next day when I went to visit her at her church, every single person there congratulated me (I did not know any of them)!!!!
    And the only person who got teary was my closest friend and when I told her she was all emotional which was very special to me, and nearly got me started!!

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    Aug 2003

    I didnt tell peeople until i was about 5 or 6 months, one friend didnt find out until i was 7 months.

    I waited til after the ultrasound and would just hand people the pic and they'd look at it and be like 'what the hell?' I didnt really start showing until about 6 1/2 months so they would look at my stomach and not get it.
    It was hallarious

    When I first found out I told mum by handing her the pregnancy test and said 'There's no easy way to tell you this...."

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    This time around was not such a big deal as everyone knew we were trying again after our m/c last July. With that last pregnancy however, we had fun telling people.
    All of our family and friends assumed that we weren't having any more kids and had no idea what was going on. We let the kids tell their grandparents and they all thought the kids were joking.
    It took a lot of convincing to get them to believe it but they were all thrilled.

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    Nov 2004

    We went to DH's parents on Xmas eve and gave his mum a present which was a wall hanging with 'Grandparents fill the world with love'. It was my FIL's b'day and DH put on the card 'from...and family'. He opened the card first while my MIL was opening hers and said turn sideways as he wanted to see the bump. Then my MIL took me to the sewing room and said this is your baby's Xmas present for next year. It was a soft book she was making. She had also started a quilt and nappy stacker...I was a little freaked out as it was minutes after telling them. They were so happy and MIL said she already worked it out. The have one niece who is 1 yr old.

    For my family, we went there Xmas Day and said 'Sorry we are late, had morning sickness'. The looks on their faces said it all.

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    With Kameron I took our HPT to my mum and told her that was her first photo of their next Grandchild. She responded by going out and buying herself a puppy LMAO. I have to say that her dog and Kameron are now the best of friends.

    After we told Andrew's parents his dad, who flies radio controlled model planes, built a plane called the Astrobabe (since Andrews online name is Astroman and I am Astrolady ) Anyway a couple of weeks before I fell pregnant with Lachlan Astrobabe crashed. So when we found out I was pregnant, we went there and Andrew said "hey Dad you know how you crashed Astrobabe, well it is about time you built Astrobabe II"


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    Feb 2004

    My BFP was very faint, so I took it to mum next door & asked her if she could see a line. Her eyes nearly popped out of her head!! It was 7am on a Saturday, so we went & woke everyone up 1 by 1!!

    For my PIL, we wrapped up a dummy & gave it to them.

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    Nov 2003

    We waited until 16 weeks to tell most people and as it was Christmas we sent out little photo albums as presents with u/s pics in them. Apparently my parents only skimmed over the first page that said 'baby due on...' and they spent ages trying to figure out what the pictures were and why there were labels that said head/arm/leg etc LMAO.

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    Apr 2004
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    Hi - with Caitlin - there used to be a group of us who would meet for lunch on a friday and one of the girls i worked with was pregnant. So the first topic each friday was to ask her how she was going. One friday someone asked me, as a joke, 'so when are you due?' and when i said 'November' there was dead silence before the screaming !!

    Similar thing happened at netball, one girl was pregnant and would come down to watch and when we were standing around after the game people would ask how she was going. After one game, I asked them all if they were going to ask how I was going, I got some weird looks before they clicked.

    This time - with mum and my sister - i asked what they were doing in November - and then would they like to be a grandma and an aunty again. Mum said 'about time' and my sister screamed and gave me a hug.


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    Dec 2004

    We just told our parents this weekend - I had to ring my parents as they are in the UK, but they were overjoyed and have already started planning when they should come over for the birth..

    We visited my parents in law over the weekend (had arranged a visit as it was my DH's birthday), said that we had something to show them, and gave them the u/s pictures - they looked at them for ages before working out what they were!!! Then my MIL went into overdrive and started digging out all her 'souvenirs' from when she had my DH - including her x-rays (don't think they had u/s back then...) and the labour notes my FIL had jotted down on the back of an envelope (contraction timings etc etc) - TMI!!!!!!! *LOL*LOL*

    Bertie xxx

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    We had tried for a baby for over a year and had come to the conclusion that it was never going to happen. We had just started preparing for IVF when I discovered I was pregnant, and most of our family and some friends knew about the impending IVF.

    When we told our families our good news, we always used the same story.

    We said, "We have some really bad news. The doctor says we can't go ahead with the IVF after all."

    They got really concerned and worried. Then we said: "For some reason, you can't do IVF if you're already pregnant!".

    It took a few moments for it to register. Then there was absolute silence as they were all so shocked.


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    Feb 2004

    Margot that's great