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Thread: Strange Cravings... I feel like a weirdo!!

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    Default Strange Cravings... I feel like a weirdo!!

    I've been having the strangest craving lately, which my mum says is called "pikka." I wanted sand so badly, more than i have ever wanted anything in my life!!! DH told me i was strange, but he's go and get some for me... did i want regular garden variety, or beach sand... I wanted the latter!!! Anyone sympathise with me?? Please??

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    Pica can be a common thing in pregnancy & in some children Simone, so don't stress about it too much.

    The definition is :Eating earth or clay or chalk; occurs in some primitive tribes or sometimes in cases of nutritional deficiency.

    Maybe there is something lacking in your diet that your body thinks the sand would have... The only thing i can think of is that spcifically beach sand might be salty ? So maybe try & eat something salty to ease the craving. It's worth a try!

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    Animals can get Pica too (when not pregnant!), my cat had it!!!

    Are you on a pregnancy multi-vitamin? As Sarah says, they believe the reason for it in pregnancy may be a deficiency.
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    You are not weird!!

    I think doctors say it is ok as long as you are not ingesting/inhaling a toxic substance - like if you had a craving for domestos or something like that!!

    I reckon beach sand smells rather nice actually - especially considering that I live in the desert!!

    Best wishes

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    Ohhhhh Simone - I love it! Sand! That is great and I don't think that it is weird at all, fascinating, not weird!

    No cravings at all for me, except for fruit. I have developed an addiction to pears in raspberry jelly.......


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