thread: Sub-chorionic Haemorrhage

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    Sub-chorionic Haemorrhage

    Hi Ladies

    Not sure if any of you can help me but have you or someone you know had a sub-chorionic haemorrhage? I apparently have 2 small areas that have been picked up on my scans.

    Saw Dr this morning and she said no lifting (including my 14 month old), no sex or strenuous stuff and no swiming, and said I should have bed rest, which is impossible.

    Technicial said at scan that they were like bruises and that they are common. But Dr said it was the placenta detacting from wall of uterus. Now am not sure what to think??

    Any thoughts or advice would be great.


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    I hade several episodes of bleeding with DD and they were all due to Sub hem - and I was told not to do much at all also and it was hard as I was farm sitting my mum and dads farm with my 6 horses, 4 dogs ect but I just took it easy.

    I hear that it is very common and I am proof that you can go on to have a happy healthy bub!

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Kate xox

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    Hi Suzie,

    I too have (or had) a Sub chorionic hemorrhage with this pregnancy. It is my understanding that it is a bleed between the uterine wall and the placenta. Most of the time they get reabsorbed into your body without any worries to you or the baby. Worst case scenario is that you can get excessive bleeding resulting in MC, or premature birth (which are both WORST case and usually starts with bleeding from the very beginning)
    Mine looks to have been reabsorbed into my body. I did have a bit of spot bleeding a few weeks ago after sex, but it disappeared in an hour. I have been trying to take it fairly easy and not do any excessive lifting, though I do still pick up my 25 month old son I have had no real problems. I would just take it easy until your next scan where they will do another check on it.
    Hope this helps... Wishing you all the best for the remainder of your pregnancy