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Thread: Sudden MS stopped but all is well

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    Joyful Guest

    Default Sudden MS stopped but all is well

    Hi all.
    I just thought I would share my early signs and symptons with you. I am 7wk 5d pregnant and up till now i have been slightly M/S every morning and during the night, just enought to remind that i am pregnant and all is well. Then a few days ago I got really bad M/S and started to vomit in the morning, which i was still happy with because it just reminds me of this amazing journey. Then yesterday morning and this morning, nothing, not even the slightest M/S. As I had heard that sudden stop of symptoms can mean miscarriage or missed miscarriage in this situation I got really worried. So I went in for a scan today and was so happy to see the little heart beating away like clock work. So for other expectant mothers who worry like i do, dont get too stressed it seems that sometimes sudden stopping of symptons can be ok.
    Good luck to everyone, i know i still wont stop worrying still a full term baby arrives.

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    paradise lost Guest


    Hey Joyful,

    The same thing happened to me. At 8 wks and some everything stopped. I'm in the UK so you need a pretty good reason to just get a scan (cramping, bleeding etc.) out of hours, so i just stuck it out and prayed like mad and at my 11wk booking in scan there she was, perfectly well in there, even though i felt like a pregnancy fraud by then, since my only symptom was no AF.

    I'd had 2 mc's so it was pretty scary. Funny what tricks our bodies can play. Best of luck with the rest of your PG.


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    *TamaraP* Guest


    Oh that is great to know!
    I didn't have many symptoms leading up to 7 weeks, thought I was going to get away. Now I have been hit with the m/s fairy. I have read and been told that m/s can last a few weeks or stop all together. It all depends on how you uterus is interacting with your stomach.

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    Nicolette Guest


    I am just on 7 weeks pregant now with my first baby. Up until a few days ago I was feeling slightly sick in the mornings and exhausted during the day. Now the sypmtoms seem to have stopped. It is good to know that this is not always a sign of miscarriage.

    I am booked in for my first obstetrician appointment in May, but should I go to my doctor sooner anyway? I am so scared that I have lost my baby.

    Thank you for any advice you can offer.

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    paradise lost Guest


    Are you spotting or bleeding or cramping nicolette? These things combined with a lack of symptoms make miscarriage a greater possibility, but even then, most women who bleed while pregnant actually go on to have a normal pregnancy and a healthy baby.

    None of us can see inside you, unfortunately (i wished i had a zip to make sure everything was fine in the early days of my PG with DD LOL), but if your only concern is that your symptoms are lessening then everything's probably fine. With my 1st m/c i never HAD any symptoms of pregnancy, and with my second the pregnancy symptoms continued a week after i'd miscarried. These things aren't linear.

    If you're worried, call your Ob, it's his job to make sure you and bubby are ok.


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    Nicolette Guest


    Hi Hoobley

    There has been no spotting, bleeding or cramping so I am hopeful that things are good. I am a person who tends towards nervousness, so I'm trying to take it easy, and not put too much pressure on myself!

    Thank you for your response, though I am terribly sorry to hear of your losses.

    Thank you again

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