thread: Suffering Nausea really bad....

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    Apr 2009

    Suffering Nausea really bad....

    Hey mommies to be,

    I am suffering from Nausea so bad, it really gets me down in when I talk and during work. I have those travel sickness wrist bands that are meant to help with nausea by putting pressure on your pressure point in your wrist but it doesn't seem to be working...

    I do eat all the time and drink heaps and stuff, but has anyone else got any pointers? I take morning sickness tablets too, but just need a little relief from the nausea.

    I am 11 wks this week, so hopefully will go soon..

    Will it go away soon?

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    Aug 2007

    congratulations on your pregnancy!!
    I hope for your sake the nausea settles down soon, usually it does after 12wekks unless youre lke me and suffer until after 20wks!!! I had hyperemisis though (extreme ms) and after being hospitalised and placed on a drip for rehydration I was given some ZOFRAN tablets from the docs in emergency, they were a lifesaver for me, I was able to get a script from the gp, they are not cheap as they are the anti nausea drugs given to cancer patients but from what I was told (by the pharmacist who was also my boss) was that they were safer than maxolon or stemetil.
    fruit tingles are another odd thing that helped too, as well as chocolate, there was one girl in my belly buddies who would have one square before she got out of bed, she swore by it! sounded good to me!!

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    Oct 2005
    Moura, QLD, Australia

    same here I am juts over 11weeks now and its starting to wear off, I am lucky I dont work but running round after a 2 year old can be hard on the ole nausea it will get better

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    Apr 2009

    Starrysky - Thanks heaps for that advice, I will hopefully see how I go :-) Its great to get advice from other moms to be, its really nice.

    Rach75 - Hopefully by end of week then it will wear off :-)

    Fingers crossed. :-)

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    Sep 2008

    I've still got MS. I find that eating chips (esp salt and vinegar and ligh and tangy) help more than plain crackers/dry toast etc. I know its bad for me, Im not normally a chip eater but I just tell myself "whateva gets me through the day"!!!
    Hope you feel better soon.

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    Oct 2008
    Canning Vale, Perth

    yep i had m/s til about 16 weeks, i swore by plain lemonade and original flavour crisps

    also wore sea sickness bands, doc prescribed me maxolon but it spaced me out and i couldnt even go to work when taking them.


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    Apr 2009
    Sunshine Coast

    oh how i feel for you, you poor thing.
    funny i havent thrown up once, but sometimes its like.. if i just threw up would it make me feel better? but no.. it wouldnt
    im almost 13 weeks and my nausea has gotten much better, i still have bouts where it will make my belly churn ( i work with food to which doesnt help.. subway of all places actually, good ol' bread smells )
    honestly with me, some things worked some days and others worked other days...
    just hang in there sweet, you'll be fine soo

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    Apr 2009
    Cowra, NSW

    I havent had any naesea at all, i was very worried, however the doc said not all women get it, and my mum never had naesea with any of her 6 kids, so i think im taking after her...thank god :P
    I have however had severe intergestion, especially at night, and when i go to bed.

    The doc reccommended to eat dry sao biscuits, and flat lemonade. (this works for both severe naesea and intergestion)
    She said if you do suffer bad morning sickness, its best to keep a packet of dry crackers, right next to your bed, and as weird as it sounds, in the morning, sit up and eat 2 or 3 crackers before you even get out of bed.
    That way the crackers settle on an empty stomach, and eliminates stomach acids which is all related to naesea and vomiting.

    Just another handy hint.

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    Apr 2009

    Erybery - Gosh you have me wanting chips now!! hehe will have to have a bowl after dinner

    Tattoo mama - I am using the wrist bands, but they aren't working really, I guess I don't have it on my pressure point properly...

    Stevie W - Gosh I hope it goes away soon, it affects my moods and affects my days, my poor hubby has to put up with me whinging and complaining

    first-time-mummy - you are very lucky honey not having the nausea :-)

    I had the worst day at work today... all i wanted to do was come home and rest on couch... I work in an office environment with no windows, so the nausea gets really bad and have to go get some air to relieve it a little.

    Did everyone else have a good day today?

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    Apr 2008


    Hi my Doctor put me on Maxalon,an anti-nausea medication,it`s also safe to take during works well,take one first thing in the morning...but you need a perscription for them. good luck with your pg.

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    Apr 2009
    Sunshine Coast

    Thanks for your concern BubbaA :P my appetite is slowly comeing back whhich is SOO good

    also to tattoo mama.. i tried the wrist bands right at the beginning ( was like 6-7 weeks i think) they worked like a charm for me BUT i also have carpel tunnel so they made the CT flair up which isnt nice id rather nausea over Ct anyday
    apart from nausea ive been getting really sore knee joints?
    my doc says its from not enough water, i try to drink at least 1litre a day (i push for more but its gets hard ) i find that the less water i drink is when i wake with cramps in my legs at night, but the thing with my knee joints is something that is all the time, like squating down is pain ful coz then i have to get back up **cry**
    anyone have any suggestions?
    thanks ladies xxx