thread: Sundried tomatos/marinated eggplant

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    Aug 2005

    Sundried tomatos/marinated eggplant

    Morning ladies,

    I have been engorging myself on sundried tomatos and marinated eggplant and then suddenly thought, I might not be able to eat them?? I get the semi dried from the deli, does anyone know if I can eat them or should I steer clear!



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    Feb 2005
    Happy Valley, Adelaide

    I've never heard of this being a problem... I've had my share of semi-drieds throughout my pregnancy, so I hope it's ok!!! I can't see why there would be any concerns about this kind of thing. :-k

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    Jun 2003

    My only concern would be if they were cross contaminated, but if you trust the source it should be fine. Just have a good look if there's loose floaties that don't look like they should be there then wait to get them till next time. I'd say they are ok though, they have to be heated to be preserved (well the oils & that do otherwise they go off) so I'm sure its fine.