thread: Taking Famvir during Pregnancy

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    Tachi77 Guest

    Taking Famvir during Pregnancy

    I took 5 tables, 2 to 3 weeks into my pregnancy (I am 5 weeks now). I didn't know I was pregnant at the time and I am worried sick about the damage I could have caused.

    Famvir is usually prescribed for Genital Herpes which I don't have but mom buys it to treat really bad coldsores that we (mom, sister and I) get every couple of months. I am sooo worried I can't sleep at night. Anyone taken/has had any experience with medication taken and yet had successful pregnancies? I don't know if I should go to the doctors or just forget it as I didn't miscarriage or far.. Any advise is welcomed. I also took diet pills but the doc told me to stop straight away which I did.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2005

    I agree - talk to your doctor about it. I'm sure it will be fine but you should have that peace of mind.

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    Tachi77 Guest

    Thank you so much for your responsed. I went to see a Doctor in my lunch break and well he said that there is not enough research or something along those lines to show that it could harm the fetus, something about Famvir being classified in Category B. He told me not to worry about it so much and to mention it when I go to my check up at the Royal Women's in October. He said that there is a lot of things we do and take without knowing that we pregnant and this is just one of those things....not much I can do he said but definetely not to worry about it so much he said!.

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    Lee-Ann Guest

    Hi Nancy

    I just wanted to let you know that when I was pregnant and didn't know I was still taking strong medication for a medical condition I had. I also had to have an operation and had to take morphine etc. I would have only just been pg. I was terrified, but bubs is in perfect health. I was concerned about her heart as the medication I was on, on a regular basis, can cause heart defects. But all is well. As soon as I found out I was pg, I was about 6 weeks, I stopped my regular medication straight away.

    Try not to worry too much although I know it does play on our minds. With my regular medication I was taking, the operation as I went under anaesthetic plus morphine for pain relief I was really concerned and it did play on my mind until I went for my u/s at 22 weeks.

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    Tachi77 Guest

    Thans Lee-Ann I definately feel better, I slept better last night too.

    Its my first pregnancy and I had no idea how 'worrying' this whole pregnancy business is! and to think that this is only the beginning....