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Thread: Taking a holiday in the first trimester

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    Default Taking a holiday in the first trimester

    In less than 3 weeks now I'm on holiday to Austria! I've been planning this for about 2 years, just over, so am really thrilled.

    However, I have some questions about what I will be able to do. It's a girly holiday, and I'm fine with flying there (going to tell BA I'm pregnant too, just in case) and my friend knows I'm pregnant so she won't be feeding me any wine/caffine or even be upset if I don't fancy certain foods that much. We've cancelled the horseriding and she's e-mailed the ice caves to see if there are any risks there whatsoever as we may have to not do them.

    I know, dull holiday LOL.

    So, I'm going to be 10-12 weeks for this holiday, what should I look out for? I'm hoping that I won't be very ill as I've been fine so far, and if I get tired we won't have to do much, but we still are planning to go to an open-air festival, go for a picnic, some (nice, slow, relaxing) walks, swimming in lakes, sightseeing in Vienna and maybe some shopping. I'll also be speaking German for most of the holiday, so I do know that will tire me a bit too as it is not my first language and I've only been learning it for just over a year. Is there anything unusual I should look out for and avoid doing?


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    Melody Guest


    Sweetie your not disabled your pregnant! I say avoid thinking too much & just enjoy the holiday Ryn

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    I went halfway across the world on my honeymoon at 12-13 weeks Shame I was hormonal and a little nauseous still, but I was so glad I did it, or I would never had done it. Bubs was a surprise so no time to do it before either!
    Kelly xx

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    Just be careful with the water in different places and don't eat any food you think looks a bit dodgey.
    Otherwise enjoy and remember to take your daily vitamins!

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    yeah...enjoy, and just avoid weird foods

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    goldilocks Guest


    LOL @ the disabled comment, Melody! My uncle keeps telling me that pregnancy is not a disease and that it shouldn't stop me from doing things!

    Ryn, just relax and enjoy your holiday. If you don't have any m/s at this stage, it's very unlikely you'll get any at 10-12 weeks!


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    You should be fine Ryn. Just remember to rest up when you can and not over do it!

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    Yep - I agree with the others... make sure you move around lots on the plain too, and drink plenty of water on it too. Other than that relax, enjoy and steer clear of dodgy looking food!!!

    Have fun!

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    perhaps take an oxygen mask....I went to Austria last year and the whole population smokes! In restaurants too....bleh!
    We did an ice-cave tour...had to walk up a big hill (maybe 20min) and then a million ice steps inside the cave...was a work out but worth it.
    Also did the 'Sound of Music' tour much to DH's dismay! That was fun....though you find out that only about 5% of the movie is true...the rest is Hollywood! And the Autrians hate the don't skip about singing about Maria!
    Birkenstocks are cheap so get some!
    Enjoy, and don't forget to have some beef goulash for me!

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    Thanks girls, my DH is getting me a bit worried about things. Bless him. I'll make sure I pack lots of water in the rucksacks we'll be taking.

    My friend (the Austrian one I'm visiting) only saw Sound of Music because I posted it to her for Christmas, otherwise it hasn't been released in Austria for some strange reason; luckily she loves it so we'll be doing lots of SoM related things. Yay!

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    My biological mum backpacked around India while pg with my litle sister:eek: I think she came home at 7 months.

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    wow im so jealous!! my advice to you is dont drink tap water anywhere even if people say its safe. People who live in different places get accustomed to it iykwim?

    Always buy bottled water and eat lots of little snacks. We want heaps of photos missy!!

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest


    I totally agree with what everyone else has said. I was very newly pregnant 4-5 weeks when we went to Europe (Italy and Switzerland) for 4 weeks and I was totally fine, as will you be.

    Have a great and relaxing time

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