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Thread: Tenderness/achy in groiny area?

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    Default Tenderness/achy in groiny area?

    I have been having this constant ache or tenderness down in my groin, not all the way down but enough to make me really uncomfortable when I stand up. Do you think it's the ligaments or something? I don't need to see a doctor do I?

    Ps sorry for all these questions

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    could be ligaments - could be the start of SPD - could be anything.

    Just go to the doc, they probably will refer you to a physio. If it is SPD, best to get onto treatment of it early.

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    Is it your pubic bone? Mine hurt a bit when pg with dd, but I was in second tri I think.

    Otherwise spd like arimeh suggested?

    The main ligament pain I get is the round ligament which is just inside the hip bone area.


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    Its not really my pubic bone, its more kind of on the sides like the inner leg? but right on the groin area?

    Sorry its hard to explain, the pain is still there but I think I aggravated it by going to banner making yesterday

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    I've got the same prob, worse at night after being on my feet all day & then resting for a bit.
    I bought a belly support band today from mothercare, hoping it helps.

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