thread: Is there anyway of telling gender of baby from heartbeat?

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    rebecca27 Guest

    Is there anyway of telling gender of baby from heartbeat?

    My mum reckons you can tell by the rate of the heartbeat what the baby will be, the boys meant to be stronger then the girls is this true. Mine was 131 at 6w2ds. Im dying to know what im having even though i know its not 100% sure its fun guessing.

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
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    I personally think its an old wives tale... but I do know of it being true for a certain amount of people. The way it goes is that over 150bpm=girl, and under 150bpm=boy.

    Bear in mind that their heartrate can vary a fair bit as well, if they are awake, sleeping, etc...

    My sons heartrate was both over AND under 150bpm, so was too hard for me to guess that way...

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    Mar 2005
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    My bubs is apparently a girl and her heartbeat has never been above 140bpm. My sisters bubs heartbeat was about 168 and it's a boy!! So that's out the window!!

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    Aug 2005

    Both my babies heart rates have been 175. 1st one was a girl, just waiting to see what flavour this one is!

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    Oct 2004
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    I'm one that the old wives tale turned out to be true for. From 7wks through til my last U/S on Friday of last week; bubs heartbeat has always been 153-178bpm. For the U/S (although bubs was asleep! *L*) on Friday, bubby's heartbeat was 140bpm.

    Three ultrasounds post 20wks though have shown her to be a girl.

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    Jul 2005

    Ok my question on all this is - my bubba has consistantly increased from 130BPM to 152BPm (last us) - so what do i make of that - is it a he or a she?? and do baby's heartrates increase as they progress?? hmmmm this has me wondering??

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    Jodie259 Guest

    I had my first u/s at 8 weeks and the heart beat was 176...
    When I told my step-mum, the first thing she said: "It's a girl"...
    going by her experience she had two girls with high heart beats, and her boy had a low heart beat.

    I also had a palm reading done about 6 years ago and everything she said has come true... and the last thing she said/wrote was: 1 child - girl.

    So I've just about convinced myself I'm having a girl... although I would like it to be a surprise if possible.
    My husband really wants a boy... but with everyone telling him a girl he's starting to get used to the idea. He's got 7 months to get used to it being a girl... then I might surprise him & pop out a boy.

    It would be interesting to do a survey with all the mums who have had kids... find out what the most popular heart beats were for boys/girls...

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    Jan 2004

    LOL Ambah! I think my DD was the same, right on the border so you couldn't even guess!


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    yollie Guest

    I used to swear by the over 150 a girl under 150 a boy rule and it has been correct more times than not for over 10years including my children. However when my little sister was pregnant and I was looking after her ( I do Antenatal clinic) her baby that turned out to be a girl would always stump us. Each week it would change from 160bpm to the next 140 bpm and even on the CTG it would have a base line that changed from one to the next Very irritating especially when my sister wouldnt find out the sex on scan.
    But usually you don't take any notice what the rate is untill around 18 wks and just write heart rate heard in the notes.

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    Feb 2004

    LOL, DS was always around 140 and at a checkup towards the end, the midwife actually started calling it 'him', then she kind of panicked and said 'oh, you do know what you're having, don't you?'. She actually believed in it that much! And she was right. So I don't know what to think - it seems to be a good indicator, but I wouldn't put too much faith in it.

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    May 2005

    i think the 'heartrate rule' has about a 50% chance of getting it right :smt023

    i am supposed to be having a girl according to the u/s (about 85-95% correct) and the heartrate seems to be stuck on 156 since 14weeks.

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    Mumof42B Guest

    My bubs HR was 179bpm @ 12 week u/s and 179bpm @ 20 week u/s. We thought it was a girl due to this but it's a BOY...

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    Lee-Ann Guest

    When I went for my 14 week scan the heart beat was 149 bpm at my 20 week scan it was 165 bpm and bubs is a girl. Now it changes all the time, I went for a CTG the other day and it fluctuated from 120bpm to 180bpm so who can say, I wouldn't depend solely on the heart-rate being a true indicator of the sex of your baby.

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    Jul 2005

    I always thought this was true as well, although my ob told me that he knows a lot of babies who would have to change their gender if it was! The radiographer at the ultrasound clinic also said it doesn't seem to work from what they see.

    At our 12 wk appt, my baby's hr was 155 bpm, then 150 bpm at the u/s and then last week at our 19 week scan it was 139 bpm. And she's definitely a girl!! So I've thrown the theory out of the window. The only thing I have been told is scientifically true is that at the start the hr is faster than as the pg progresses.