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    Apr 2009

    Question Thrush and Pessaries

    Hi Ladies

    I just passed the 7 week mark and my Dr told me after a smear test that I had thrush and should take a 6 day course of Canesten pessaries.
    I've taken two days and I'm not entirely comfortable in inserting them (not sure if I'm putting in too far?). I'm not using the applicator as advised by the Pharmacist but I've seen mixed reports about using pessaries. Some say good, others say not to use at all.
    Any advice or experiences would be much appreciated.

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    Dec 2006
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    i am significantly further along than you and have had thrush a few times this pregnancy - have used the pessaries each time - as long as you don't feel pain when you insert them, you should be fine - just use at night and don't push too high (use your index finger, not middle finger etc) - i also have the cream for using as mine is both internal and external, so i use a small amount of that like a lubricant.... they are safe - and make things a lot more bearable than a nasty thrush infection!

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    I have had thrush 3 times this pregnancy....and ive used pessaries every time. I got thrush well after the 12 week mark i can understand your concerns at inserting the pessaries and only being 7 weeks.
    BG's advice is spot on.....also i have been taking inner health plus (about $22 for 25 capsules). Its really helped with the thrush. I also have my yoghurt once a day now....havent had thrush for nearly 10 weeks now.....

    Good luck.....