thread: Tired in the First Trimester

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    May 2004

    Tired in the First Trimester

    Hi Everyone

    How tired do you all get in the day time ?

    Would like to know how the rest of you are finding it.

    I am finding that when ever Kimberley has a sleep in the day I have to nap as well even if I had a good nights sleep.
    I guess it helps being a SAHM not sure how I did it when I was pg with Kimberley I was working. I think i just kept having early nights.
    Even now at 9.30 i could go back to bed.

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    Sep 2004
    South Burnett, QLD

    Hi Michelle,

    I am sooooo tired all day. I can barely function at work. I usually have to have a sleep when I get home at 530pm, and go to bed pretty early (before 930pm usually). I'm usually late to work in the morning too (up to half an hour late. The boss looks at his watch, but doesn't say anything.

    It's making life really hard, because I am working full time, and I am studying law part time. I have exams in two weeks and I can't stay awake long enough to study. If I'm not at work, I'm sleeping!

    I'm really hoping 2nd trimester will be better...


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    Nov 2003

    Michelle, the tiredness hasn't really hit me yet this pg, but I remember with my first pg I got sooo tired all the time. Even after a full night's sleep I'd wake up tired! Just rest up when ever you need to and take things easy

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    May 2004

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels like this.
    I feel asleep today and Kimberley let herself in to the garden after trying to give me her dummy.
    Glad that she is able to play on her own and is always good when I do something like that. JUst will have to make sure i close the screen door right next time.

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    Mar 2004
    Wales, UK

    I've been feeling really sleepy in work, especially after i've eaten. Even typing this is making me yawn! lol.

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    Aug 2004

    i am at work now, hard at it as you can see! it is 8.40am and i feel like i want to go back to bed! i am also really tired when i get home and find it hard to get motivated to cook dinner and do housework. DH is great with helping out, but he works such long hours, and his cooking skills are limited to 2 minute noodles

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    Sep 2004
    Melbourne, Australia

    I am 8 weeks preg and finding I am getting REALLY tired, particularly in the afternoons. I have day naps whenever my toddler is having a nap. I am having my thyroid tested to see if that is contributing to the tiredness problem.

    With my first pregnancy, I was working full-time and was getting pretty tired - I discussed this with my colleagues and they were very understanding and encouraged me to rest as needed. Sometimes I actually drove home and had a nap for an hour in the middle of the day, or left work early. I pretty much went to bed straight after dinner.

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    May 2004
    Adelaide, South Australia

    I'm not too tired, I need to go to bed really early but other than that I seem to be going along ok.

    My DH has let me get a cleaner in for the housework each fortnight so that's going to help me alot.... I wonder if I can keep the cleaner once the baby comes....????....

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    Jun 2004
    Melbourne Australia

    i am extreemly tired.... i think that is what is making me feel sick most of the day as well.... so tired i dont cook dinner and just go to bed once i get home from work. DH is being fantastic, cooking and trying to hopefully this will pass soon

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    Oct 2004

    I have been extremely tired. By the time I get home from work around 4.45 I am a zombie and it takes all my energy to cook a meal for tea.

    I think myself lucky that I have not been sick so far.

    My mum laughed when I said I want my life back!! She said I had at least 18yrs to wait for that!!


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    Pietta Guest

    Hello ladies! I started to get an energy pick up at about 15 weeks so fingers crossed for you all!!

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    Sep 2004
    Sunshine coast, QLD

    By the afternoon i feel like i have walked a 10km hike, my feet are the only things that are driving me mad. So sore, and i am so lucky that i dont work so thats what annoys me, rest all day and still feel crap at the end of it.
    You just cant win i dont think, but otherwise i have been feeling really good the last couple of days so hoping that the nausea has passed for now.

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    Sep 2004

    yup i'm tired. no wonder hey. we are growing humans. that's tiring work. imagine growing an ear let alone a whole body and life supporting placenta. thinking about it makes me tired.

    i go to sleep around 830pm but pretty much go to bed when big spunk gets home and he makes dinner gets kids to bed and i sleep on and off until i go to sleep at @8ish i wake pretty early around 6 but rest on and off throughout the day. when i was working full time and pregnant with first, i slept alot in my office - i would shut the door and snooze. with second i was working part time so i could sleep alot more when older son slept although he was pretty good at playing by himself. now i am on long service leave from paid work so can do as i please.

    but yup it is awfully tiring. i do seem to remember getting my energy back in the 2nd tri though. along with my libido - hopefully.

    sweet dreams
    love beckles