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Thread: TMI warning!!! Bacterial vaginal infections in early pregnancy

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    Default TMI warning!!! Bacterial vaginal infections in early pregnancy

    Hi, i am abotu to go to the doc as i think i have as the thread title says.

    Has anyone had an infection in early pregnancy, i just read that it can increase your miscarriage risk by up to 30%!!!!!

    my only symptom is some discharge whis is ummm an off light greenish colour. Sort of like baby snot

    are there natural remedies that anyone can reccomend?

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    Hi mumma, i have had exactly that, a yucky greenish snotty like discharge- freaked the hell out of me, i had felt a little "off clour" but who doesnt when they are pregnant!!?? lol... Only it was later in my pregnancy,(about 20 weeks i think from memory) i had antibiotics and it turned out to be a staffalacochlea infection thing or something like that.

    Not sure about early in preg though, def go to the dr!!!!
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    Hi Mumma

    I had thrush (TMI - but this is the thread for it LOL) when I was 8 weeks with my DD - and all was fine. I was able to use Canestan - just not the applicator thingy.

    But if you definately know it isn't thrush, see your doc!

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