thread: Too many photos?

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    Ohh that reminds me of Ashlea! We had a fight one morning cause we were running late and i didnt do her hair how she wanted it. she ended up having a tanturm, i started yelling. Then i stopped, picked her up and said sorry for yelling but i dont like it when you get angry instead of just telling me you want your hair a different way blah blah. She looked me dead in the eye and said, its okay mummy, just try not to yell at me again okay?

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    One thing to try and do is have that LAST belly photo. I have one with each of mine, just hrs before they were born. Facial expression not always fabulous, but belly proud and pronounced neverless!! :contract:
    Kids say the most gorgeous things, DD #2 asked me if I had been scratched by a tiger on my tummy!!!!