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Thread: Toxoplasma Tests?

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    Default Toxoplasma Tests?

    Just wondering if any of you have had a test for the above in routine testing or if you have requested it?

    Its mentioned alot in pregnancy books but I havent' been tested for it. Should I be?

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    I don't think i have ever heard of it so not sure if it is a routine test.


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    Toxoplasma serology is not a routine antenatal test.

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    Default Toxo

    I have been tested for Toxoplasmosis. I work with cats in the vet hospital and since finding our I am PG have had to study toxoplasmosis a bit because I did know a vet nurse who lost her baby due to an infection of toxo. Basically it is spread in cat's faeces or urine (?)someone else can correct me if they want... and also through uncleaned vegetables and undercooked meat like pork which may be unclean... There isn't a great chance of someone who doesn't own cats and cleans their vegetables in catching toxo, but someone with cats may be told that their partners should clean the litter trays and not to dig in the garden where cats may wee or poo... Also someone who may have had exposure to it will not get it again and it will not affect their baby.
    Someone who works with animals on the other hand needs to be a bit more careful! I used to handle around 10 cats per day and now I handle 1-2 and do not clean the litter trays because I am a bit paranoid... :wink:

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