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    Jun 2005


    I am wanting to have an ultrasound around the 6 week mark. I feel I need the reassurance that everything is where it should be, and just need to know its going ok.
    My question the 6 week ultrasound an optional one and if it is can I ask my general doctor for a referral?
    Also, for those who had an ultrasound around the same time (6 week mark) what did you see?

    Thanks heaps,

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    Jun 2003

    You can ask for an U/S from your GP at ANY time! I have, I was concerned about the lack of visuals we got at our 12 wk scan so we had a 14 wk scan too. I also asked for what I called a "dating" scan at 7 wks, but in all honesty it was because I was concerned. As it turned out I started bleeding (all turned out fine as you can see ) and ended up needing the 7 wk scan anyway. So my suggestion is if you are concerned, go have a scan.

    At 6 weeks sometimes you can see the heartbeat but its generally definite at 7 wks. So if they can't see one they'll probably tell you to come back in a week, and if they don't I'd request it (but thats just me). Some places allow you to hear the heartbeat (we got to hear it at 6wks 3days) but it depends on the equiptment and the sonographer. Other than that I'd say its just a little blob on the screen, can't give you much more detail than that. Its ok to worry, and to want to be sure and I think its alot better to have a scan and put your mind at ease than to worry yourself sick over it iykwim.

    Goodluck! And if your GP isn't helpful see another Its your right as a patient to request an U/S.


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    Jun 2005

    Thanks Cailin, I needed to hear that. I might try and wait til 7 weeks.

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    Melinda Guest

    We had a scan at 6w also and we got to see a little blob on the screen and heard the heartbeat.

    Cailin has pretty well covered the other things!

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    Mar 2004

    I had a scan at 7 weeks because I couldn't quite believe I was pregnant. Looking back itseems a bit silly since I had 2 BFPs and no period but there's no accounting for irrationality 8-[ .
    The first GP I saw said there was no need so I went to another and she wrote a referral for me.
    It really was reassuring to see the little blob so I'm glad i went or I'd probably still be fretting now.

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    Jun 2005
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    I had a scan at 8wks because of the spotting I was getting. It was just a little jellybean with a heartbeat We got to hear the heartbeat which was great. Then we had a scan at the OB at 11wks and saw the little one bouncing around in there. Amazing the development just in those 3 weeks!

    I'm kinda busting to see the little one again, coz now that m/s has eased up a bit, I have no symptoms at all!! Still fitting into all my normal clothes, BB's haven't been sore at all thru the pg, I wanna make sure the bub is still there growing away!

    I'm not a big fan of having too many scans, but they are definitely reassuring

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    Oct 2004
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    Hi, I just had a scan at 6 weeks 1 day and we got to see the heart beat and they measured the blob from crown to rump ( not that i could tell which end was what ) this ultra sound i demanded after having some pretty wild cramping which turned out to be over stimulation of the ovaries caused by IVF drugs so don't feel bad asking for something that is going to reassure you i have had 4 Bloodtests to measure HCG levels just this last week the doc said to me that enough is enough she won't be issuing any more Bloodtests requests ( hehe )