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    Oct 2005
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    hey every one

    i was just wondering are you meant to go for an ultrasound when you find out your pregnant my doctor told me i didnt need one but he orded me one with my first born i am 6wks pregnant should i go ask him to give me one or not

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    Jul 2004

    I think having an early ultrasound is just to check to see how far along your are, or if you've had 1 or more miscarriages to see if everything is ok.

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    Oct 2005
    melbourne, victoria

    thanks girls
    hey tulip where the same amont of weeks pregnant

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    Oct 2005
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    im due on the 29th of june thats wat all my doctor has told me i dont know maybe its these ticker site must be different dating
    anyway no i havent had one done yet my gp told me i dont need one coz
    it really dosent worry when the next one is due he just gave me my due date but with my first born he sent me to get one done when i was 8 weeks along to get my proper due date i cant understand why he wont do it for this one i just wonna see if my baby is in the right spot and has a heart beat i dont know im lost lololol

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    Oct 2005
    melbourne, victoria

    hey tulip
    thanks for you help is great knowing someone who is going thur the same thing i have aches and some pain and my doc said its normal too
    the only other sign iv got is very sore nipples and around them i just hope my baby is alright and in the right place
    hey can i put you on my messenger list it would be good to talk to someone who is haven a baby the same time even though were in different states up to you
    my messenger is

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    Oct 2005
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    cool no worries

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    Jun 2005
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    Hey girls. Congrats on your pg's I had an ultrasound at 8 weeks because I had some bleeding. Otherwise I wouldn't have seen bubs until 12 weeks at the OB's.

    I'm sure everything is going along nicely. Have happy healthy pg's!

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    jaggard Guest

    CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancies girls.

    With my 1st pregnancy I was sent by my GP for an ultrasound at 6 or so weeks, it may have been 8 actually. I'm not sure why as I hadn't had any trouble previously, I think they can send you if they want to, was all on Medicare.
    With my 2nd I paid for one at 8weeks as we wanted to see bubs heart beat b4 12 weeks.

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    Hey baiza

    I had a scan at 6 weeks 2 days to check the heartbeat and the dates. They were shocked to see me in so early having no bleeding or any complications. I think because its my first my doctor wanted to see if all was ok. I wont worry if i was you if your docs ok with everything then it should be fine i know that feeling tho of just wanting to SEE that everything is ok. I think if you needed that reassurance ask your doc for one im sure it wouldnt be a problem.

    Hope you have a healthy happy pregnancy!!

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    Jun 2005

    Hey girls.

    With my first, i waited until 12 wks. But with this one i just couldnt wait - i needed to see there was something in my uterus !!!!!! So i went to my local GP and just said i was unsure of my period date (i wasnt really, but a small lie never hurt anyone) so may i have a dating ultrasound.......I had an ultrasound at 8wks. Couldnt see much - well the sac and a heartbeat. But i slept soundly for the next few weeks knowing lil poppet was actually there......if your desperate/worried, go have one.

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    Aug 2005

    I had a dating scan at 8weeks for both my pregnancys coz I fell pregnant both times on the pill. Most doctors should be happy to give you a referral, it's not as if its any extra work for them!


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    SarahMc Guest

    my doctor sent me for one just to find out how far along i was.