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    Ok ladies,

    Well yesterday I posted my BFP and today I must say I am really really uncomfortable. I don't really remember being this uncomfortable last time (m/c)

    I expect its just bloating, but I can't even do my pants up. I mean not even close, the zipper is even undone.

    I feel like a balloon is pushing my insides out and feel really constipated and burpy.

    Now I am only 4 weeks today isnt this too early to be so bloated? is there anything I can do to ease it off a little??

    Also this morning I had M/S and even gagged up my toothpaste. I had bad m/S las time too but not till 6weeks.

    I don't want to complain I am too happy for that but I would like to know if it's something that can be helped, relived etc.

    is it normal this early?

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    Ya poor thing.... and to think its only going to get worse. I felt a bit off at the start too.. bloating, cramps, M/S. But in the end its all worth it.

    All the best for a H & H pregnancy

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    Congratulations on your BFP!! I have friends who have felt all of those things you have mentioned pretty much from the start (I haven't been there myself...yet!!!), fingers crossed it means that everything is super-strong, and even better, it might just be doing this now and then it'll be over and done with and you'll have a cruisy 8 months ahead!

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    thanks for the replies, well I could only manage half my dinner.. Half way through I felt like I had been to sizzlers restaurant IYKWIM.

    I think I'll go google something to relieve it and then I better buy some pants that fit, cause I cant go out with my zipper down can I.. hmm what will I wear to go get the pants??

    my old maternity clothes don't even fit now (weight gain and clomid-gain)

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    Looks like you'll be having lots of ginger-based meals while this m/s lasts!! Enjoy your shopping experience!

    My friends have said that the 'sea-bands' are an absolute gem to take the edge off and anything with ginger in it helps too. I hope it doesn't get too bad for you.

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    I feel for you, I had m/s from 4 weeks, but lucky it left at 6 weeks, but I continued to feel queesy and still do. I'll be 13 weeks tomorrow. The things I found to help we're potato chips (go figure) and toast, I must of lived on toast alone in the last few weeks
    I still can't eat all my meals, only small ones, I feel full after only a few bites! I'm running out of clothes, I'm expaning fast, I was telling a friend this and she said, well, it's going to happen The gassiness isn't as bad as it was in the first few weeks, so maybe yours will go away.
    Congrats on your pregnancy, hope all goes well

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    I was bloated within two weeks of conception (well that's my story, and I'm sticking to it. It had nothing to do with Christmas indulgence) And even went shopping on the weekend to get a pair of maternity pants to wear. They have this great big elastic waist band that is so comfortable. Got them from Target and they have short 3/4 ones and long ones. I also got some belly bands from ebay so that I can still wear some of my other pants (minus zips and buttons done up) without fear of my pants coming down.

    I'm still bloated and gassy. I also had cramping that caused diahorea (sp?)

    The joys of womenhood, we finish with periods for a few months but still get symptoms.

    Congrats on the BFP and I hope all the best of an easy and healthy pregnancy

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    I popped straight away. At 4 weeks and 2 days, on some pants i had to start leaving top button undone. Perhaps get some of those boob tube looking things that you where around your waist. I know they have a proper name, but can never think if it. I wear those with or without belly belts, depending on what i am wearing. Today, just the waist band, with top button undone.
    Salt and Vinegar chips where my fav, along with choc chip cookies. And increase your water and fibre intake to help with the constipation. I have bran with weetbix for breakfast, but, i went about a week of just weetbix, and then gradually increased the bran to 1/3 a cup a day as well. Otherwise, you run the risk of spending all day on the toilet.
    I used to gag doing my teeth as well - especially rinseing. Also did gag, and still do, taking my preg multi vitamins. Seeing someone else sick made me sick.
    Oh, and ginger is good. ginger beer worked for me, i hate it, but it did the job. but just not to cold. The burping - well, forgetting the ginger beer advice - sometimes fizzy drinks cause it. I have it, not as bad now thankfully. I did find that nothing i ate or drunk effected the burps. I posted thread on it, and it was seemingly normal. Just annoying.

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