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    Default update on me

    this is how Im going...I had an u/s on april 25th that showed I was 5 wk 2 days. everything looked good, they saw a sac and yolk. I had another scan yesterday that didnt go so well..the doctor I saw was very rude! He did an abdominal u/s and saw only tiny sac with nothing in it and immediatly said there was no baby I was goiong to miscarry. Then he did a vaginal u/s and we saw the sac, yolk, a small 3.5mm fetal pole and a flickering that we think was the hb. but he said my sac was not shaped was a little flat. He sent me to have my levels checked and they came back at 30,000. I got a second opinion..another doctor who looked over my u/s pictures and he said that the baby has grown and that me having a full bladder during the vaginal scan could have made the sac look not right. also I have a retroverted uterus which can make it harder to see things and make the dates off and all that. I have schedulaed another scan for please pray for me and bub! I really want everything to just be ok. I have been worrying myself sick. I will update after my u/s tomorrow.

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    Oh djwebb... ..good luck with your scan tomorrow. for you

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    Good luck hun

    The first doctor sounds like an a$$! IMO the pole and flickery HB sound VERY positive. Hopefully tomorrows scan will reveal all is well.


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    Good luck hun. I hope everything works out well. Some doctors can be really bothersome especially if they aren't sure of what exactly is happening... they should learn to keep their mouth shut. I am so sorry to hear that you were mistreated! Hope everything works out well in the end!

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