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    Hi Guys,
    Just had my first ultrasound today, I went back and collected the films to deliver to my ob. I read the report that came with it and it said......A rather membrane-like appearance noted on the free aspect of the placenta which most likely represents a large venous lake....WHAT DOES THIS MEAN????? I have done a few searches on the internet, but no luck. (I am 12 weeks pregnant with no.2) AND have never heard of this and wonder if it is or can be a problem. I don't see my ob until the end of the month, I just can't wait until then to find is really bugging me and a little worrying!!!

    If anyone has heard of this or has had the same thing would really like to hear your story or information...


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    Hey mummy from what i have just read, they are pools of blood on/in the placenta. Apparently they are common and have no signifigance and don't harm the baby. But if your worried you can always wring your OB, im sure he'll give you a more detailed opinion, but i shouldn't worry.(hard i know)

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    I'd definitely ring your OB just to have it explained. After my 18 week, I read my report and it really worried me and even just for the first weekend I was a mess. Was totally reassured when I spoke to the midwives, so don't put it off!! Also if you can't get through to your OB, ring your hospital and ask to talk to a midwife! Im sure it will be ok though, they wouldn't send you off for the rest of the month if not! xo